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Micro Total Analysis Systems 2002
Proceedings of the μTAS 2002 Symposium, held in Nara, Japan, 3–7 November 2002 Volume 2
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The Sixth International Conference on Miniaturized Chemical and Biochemical Analysis Systems, known as IlTAS2002, will be fully dedicated to the latest scientific and technological developments in the field of miniaturized devices and systems for realizing not only chemical and biochemical analysis but also synthesis. The first IlTAS meeting was held in Enschede in 1994 with approximately 160 participants, bringing together the scientists with background in analytical and biochemistry with those with Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS) in one workshop. We are grateful to Piet Bergveld and Albert van den Berg of MESA Research Institute of the University of Twente for their great efforts to arrange this exciting first meeting. The policy of the meeting was succeeded by late Prof. Dr. Michael Widmer in the second meeting, IlTAS'96 held in Basel with 275 participants. The first two meetings were held as informal workshops. From the third workshop, IlTAS'98 (420 participants) held in Banff, the workshop had become a worldwide conference. Participants continued to increase in IlTAS2000 (about 500 participants) held in Enschede and IlTAS2001 (about 700 participants) held in Monterey. The number of submitted papers also dramatically increased in this period from 130 in 1998, 230 in 2000 to nearly 400 in 2001. From 2001, IlTAS became an annual symposium. The steering committee meeting held in Monterey, confirmed the policy of former IlTAS that quality rather than quantity would be the key-point and that the parallel-session format throughout the 3.


Exploring fet Concepts for Lab-on-a-Chip.- Monitoring of Cell Growth, Oxygen and ph in Microfermentors.- Observation of Response to Stimuli in Oscillating Cells Patterned by Microfabricated Structure.- On-Chip Agarose Microchamber (AMC) Array Cell-Cultivation System for Topographical Control of Neural Network.- Integrated Size Exclusion and Reversed-Phase Electrochromatography.- Dispersion Analysis of a Solid-Phase Microextraction Chip by Computational Fluid Dynamics.- Interfacing Microchip CE with Icpms for Element Speciation.- Electrodeless Dielectrophoretic Trapping and Separation of Cells.- SiO2 Nozzle Array-Based Patch-Clamp Microsystem.- A Programmable Cell Assay Platform for Kinetic Studies of a Single Cell.- An Integrated Microdialysis-Based System.- User-Assembly, Fully Integrated Micro Chemical Laboratory using Biochemical IC Chips for Wearable/Implantable Applications.- Microfluidic Reactor Array for Multistep Droplet Reactions.- Single Molecular Detection of DNA/Protein and Its Application to Biochips.- DNA Separation in Gradient of Confined Nanospace Generated by Nanoparticles in a Microchannel.- Self-Assembled Magnetic Colloids for DNA Separations in Microfluidic Devices.- A Microfabricated Device for Separating ~200KILO-BASE-PAIR DNA Molecules in ~15 Seconds.- Airborn Chemistry Levitated Protein Droplets as a Novel Analytical Tool for Nucleation Screening in Macromolecular Crystallisation.- On-Line Monitoring of Airborne Chemistry in Levitated Droplets: in-SITU Synthesis and Application of Sers Active Ag-Sols For Trace Analysis By Raman Spectrometry.- Chip-To-World Interfaces for High-Throughput Lab-On-A-Chip Devices.- The Mems Modeling System by Collaboration of Multi-Scale Simulators and Application to the Microreactor.- Fem Study of Coulter Counter Wggh Water-Based Adaptable Aperture.- Micromanipulating Magnetic Particles in Microfluidic Systems.- Optimal Design of Micromixer Using Nonhomogeneous Multilayer Laminar Flow.- Computational Simulations of Fluid Flow Dynamics, and Bead Packing in Solid Phase Extraction Microsystems.- The Low-Voltage Cascade EOF Pump: Comparing Theory with Published Data.- Universal Joule Heating Model in Electrophoretic Separation Microchips.- Mathematical Model of Interfacial Layer in Ultra-Fine Liquid Drop Based on Molecular Dynamics Simulation.- Development of Micromixer Based on Instability of Interface Between Two Immiscible Liquids.- Theoretical Study of AC Electroosmotic Flows in Non-Uniformly Charged Microchannels.- Numerical Simulation of Mixing in A Micro-Channel with Non-Uniform Zeta Potential Surface.- Injection of Sample Bands from Open Channels into Packed Separation Columns.- Microscale Measurements of Flow Bounded by Air-Water Interfaces.- Virtual Flow Channel: A Novel Micro-Fluidics System with Orthogonal, Dynamic Control Of Sample Flow Dimensions.- Microfabrication of 3-D Oblique Structures by Inclined UV Lithography.- A New Fabrication Technique of A DNA Electrophoresischip by Silicon Micromachining Technology.- Precision Patterning of PDMS Thin Films: A New Fabrication Method and Its Applications.- Fabrication of Microfluidic Channels with Symmetric Cross-Sections for Integrated NMR Analysis.- Precise and Feasible Fabrication Process of Microfluidic Devices on A Borosilicate Glass Chip.- Laminated Electrodes Chip for Pulse-Immunoassay.- Fabrication of On-Chip Sorter Devices with Sub-Micrometer Scale Channels and Self-Aligned Microelectrodes.- Powder Handling Device for Drug Formulations.- Thermal Micropump Using Surface Tension Imbalance in Microchannels.- Optimization of Electrokinetic Pumps for Chip-Based Chromatographic Separations.- Practical Valves and Pumps for Large-Scale Integration into Microfluidic Analysis Devices.- Electro Osmotic Flow Pump Based on The Corbino Disc Geometry.- A Temperature Controlled Micro Valve for Biomedical Applications Using A Temperature Sensitive Hydrogel.- Electroosmotically Driven Two-Liquid Viscous Pump for Nonconducting Liquids.- Bi-Directional Valve-Less Micropump Using Piezoelectric Micro-Array Actuators.- Gravity-Driven Micropump with A Steady Flow Rate.- A Micro Pump, Compatible with Multiple Manufacturing Methods, for Fluidhandling in Disposable Microsystems.- Microfabrication Process for High-Density Micro Pipette Array and Matching Multi-Well Plate with Mixers.- Microfabricated Phase Change Latched Valve for Integrated Devices.- Thermal-Actuated Paraffin Microvalves.- Injection Modes for Evaporation Driven Continuous Liquid Flow.- DNA Amplification and Hybridization Assays in Integrated Plastic Monolithic Devices.- Microfluidic Device for Nucleic Acid Fragmentation by Shear Force.- Combined Nucleic Acid Extraction and Enrichment in Bead-Packed Plastic Beds.- Measuring Lithium in Whole Blood Using Capillary Electrophoresis.- An Ingestible Electronic Pill for Real Time Analytical Measurements of The Gastro-Intestinal Tract.- Detection of Multiple Real-Time Nasba in Nanoliter Volume.- Disposable Biochip Cartridge for Clinical Diagnostics Toward Point-of-Care Systems.- Microchip-Based Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay (Elisa) System.- Infrared-Mediated Thermocycling for DNA Amplification and Electrophoretic Separation on an Integrated Microchip Device.- Integrated Microdevice for DNA Extraction from A Single Hair.- Monolithic Sol-Gel Microchip Device for Efficient Isolation of Nucleic Acid from Clinical Samples.- Miniaturization of A Hematology Analyzer for Monitoring Oncology Outpatients.- Fabrications and Applications of Micro Hemocytometer for Early Detection of Cancer.- Enabling Technologies for A Personal Flow Cytometer, Part II: Integrated Analysis Cartridges.- High Throughput Stress Marker Assay Using Polymer Microchip Electrophoresis with Laser Induced Fluorescence Detection.- DNA Size Separation Employing Micro-Fabricated Monolithic Nano-Structure.- Integrated Microsystem of Isothermal Amplification of DNA and Electrophoresis on A Microfabricated Plastic Chip for Detection of Specific Gene and Analysis of Genetic Materials.- SNP Analysis by Allele-Specific Extension of Fluorescently Labeled Nucleotides in A Microfluidic Flow-Through Device.- Device for Label-Free Bio-Ligand Interaction Studies Based on Time Resolved Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometry.- A Disposable Passive Microfluidic System Integrated with Micromixer and DNA Purification Chip for DNA Sample Preparation.- DNA Hybridization Feature on “Bead-Array” - DNA Probes on Beads Arrayed in A Capillary.- Development of A Label-Free Protein Array Chip.- Detection of DNA Point Mutations in A Polymer Microfluidic Network Using A Temporal Thermal Gradient.- Micro Multiple Immunoassay Using Silicon-Based Microfabricated Protein Biochep.- An Active Mixer for Microscale Purification and Sequencing Reaction Clean-Up.- In Vitro Protein Synthesis on A High-Integrated Microchamber Chip with Low DNA Molecules.- Parallel Sequencing of Real-World Samples Using A Microfabricated Hybird Device.- Micromachined Device for Manipulation of Charged Bio-Molecule.- High Precision Micropreparative Separation System Based on Plastc Microfluidic Module - Capillary Coupling.- High Fidelity and Low Cost Detection of Multi-Color Fluorescence from Biological Cells in A Micro Integrated Flow Cytometer (MIFC) with Disposable Observation Cell.- Integrated Amorphous Silicon Photodiode Detector for Microfabricated Capillary Electrophoresis Devices.- Integration of Polymer Waveguides for Optical Detection in Biochemical Microsystems.- Real-Time SPR Imaging of Biochemical Reactions in Microfluidic Systems.- A Miniaturized Glow Discharge Optical Emission Detector for Aqueous Analytes.- Fiber-Optic Microdevices for Surface Plasmon Resonance Applied to Microfluidic Devices.- Optical Recovery of Particles on A Chip Toward Cell Sorting and Bead-Bed Detection.- Integrated On-Chip Absorption and Luminescence Spectroscopy with Polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) Microfluidic Flow Channels Using Broadband Illumination.- Development of Liquid/Liquid Optical Waveguide Using A Two Phase Sheath Flow and Its Application to Fluorescent Determination of Rhodamine B.- Integration of Photo-Thermal Spectroscopy Detection System on A Chip.- Integrated Microfluidic Optical Systems (iMOS) with LED.- Application of Organic Light Emitting Diode as an On-Chip Light Source for Fluorescence Spectroscopy.- Micro-Optical Laser Induced Fluorescence Detection on A Miniaturised Flow Cytometry Device.- Comparison of Different Strategies of Chemiluminescence Detection for Microchip System Fabricated in Poly(Dimethylsiloxane).- Fiber-Loop Ring-Down Spectroscopy for Enhanced Detection of Absorption with Limited Path Length.- Multicomponent Analysis by Submillimeter-Effective-Length Capillary Electrophoresis Using Patterned Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy.- Supramolecular and Macromolecular Approaches to Functional Nano Materials.- Label-Free Dielectric Detection of DNA Hybridization with Nanogap Junctions.- Detection of Single Nucleotide Incorporation Using Pyrosequencing in A Microfluedic Device.- Fast Screening of Single-Nucleotide Polymorphisms Using Chip-Based Temperature Gradient Capillary Electrophoresis.- Molecular Transport Through Nanometer Confined Channels.- DNA Trap-and-Release Element Emploing Electric and Hydro Drag Force Fields for On-Chip Pre-Treatment.- Microchip Electrophoresis Integrated with Nanofluidic Sample Handling.- Magnetophoretic-Dielectrophoretic Field-Flow Fractionation.- Free-Flow Magnetophoresis - Separation of Magnetic Microparticles and Agglomerates on Chip.- Hybrid Type On-Chip Magnetic Particle Separators for Accurate Positioning Magnetic Beads.- Photopolymerized and Photografted Porous Polymer Monoliths for Fabrication of Microfluidic Analytical Systems.- Engineered Dielectric Microspheres for Use in Microsystems.- Microvalve Architectures for High-Pressure Hydraulic and Electrokinetic Fluid Control in Microchips.- Biopoems and Nanogap DNA Junctions.- Multiplexed Protein Preparation Systems for Proteomics.- A Novel Miniaturized Protein Preconcentrator Based on Electric Field-Addressable Retention and Release.- Design Principles, Performance and Perspectives of A Complete Miniaturized Electrophoretic Instrument.- Gas-Liquid Flows in Microchemical Systems.- On-Chip Concentration of Liquid Samples Using an Air-Liquid Two-Phase Flow.- Two-Phase Flows (Oil/Water): Flow Regimes and Wetting.- Preparation of Picoliter-Sized Reaction/Analysis Chambers for Droplet-Based Chemical and Biochemical Systems.- A Micro-Reactor Equipped with Sheath-Flow Injectors for High-Speed Extraction.- Mass-Production System of Nearly Monodisperse Diameter Gel Particles Using Droplets Formation in A Microchannel.- A Multiphase Laminar Flow Diffusion Chip with Ion Selective Electrode Detection.- Micro PIV Measurement of Electroosmotic Flow.- High-Efficiency Separation in Microfluidic Devices for High-Throughput Screening of Kinases.- A Multi-Stage Micro-Tangential Flow Filtration Device for ?tas Applications.- Microcontact Switching of Single Molecules.- Simultaneous Hydrodynamic and Electrokinetic Flow Control.- A Micro-Fluidic Platform for Contactless, Dropletless Dispensing of High-Density Protein Micro-Arrays.- PDMS Microstructures Integrated with Detection Elements.- Development of Plastic Microneedles for Transdermal Interfacing Using Injection Molding Techniques.- A Novel Bonding Technique for Micro Polymer Chip Using Sacrificial Channel and Adhesive Printing.- Adhesive and Dead Volume Free Interfacing Between PDMS Microfluidic Channels.- High Pressure Thermal Bonding for Sealing of Plastic Microstructures.- Innovative Laser Machining and Surface Modification for Plastic Microfluidic Chip.- Liquid Phase 3-D Channel Networks.- Design and Fabrication of Metal Electrodes Implanted PDMS Structures for Micro Flow Device.- Strong Bonding of Metal Thin-Film Micropatterns on PDMS Plate Using Self-Assembled Monolayers.- Study on Protein (IgG) Adsorption in Terms of Surface Modification of Cyclo Olefin Copolymer (COC) for Protein Biochip.- 3-D Microlfuidic Networks for Combinatorial Chemistry.- Effect of Surface Modification on Thermoplastic Fusion Bonding for 3-D Microfluidics.- Surface Modification of Microgels with N-Alkyl Fatty Acid Layers: Ion Gradient Properties.- Surface Modification of PDMS for Control of Electroosmotic Flow: Characterization Using Atomic and Chemical Force Microscopy.- Molecularly-Imprinted Stationary Phases for Plastic Microchip-Based Capillary Electrochromatography.- Continuous Self Arrangement of Nanoparticles in A Micro-Capillary.- Surface Modification of Micromolds by Fluorocarbon Films.- Functionalized Parylene Coatings for Microfluidic Applications.- Photoresist-Free Micropatterning of Polymer Surfaces Used in Microanalytical Devices.- A Novel In-Device Enzyme Immobilization Method for Biomems, Demonstrated for A Continuous Glucose Monitor.- Designing Surface Chemistries for A High Density Chemical Microarray.- Micro Peptide Array Synthesis on A Chip.- The Integration of Microarray and Microchannel Using Plastic Chip.- Diagnostic Antigens and Antibodies Patterned by Micro Stamping System.- SU-8 Structures for Integrated High-Speed Screening.- Multimode Optical Waveguide Spectrscopy of Aqueous GPLD SOL.- Prism-Free Broadband Coupling Approach for Spectroelectrochemical Characterization of Surface-Immobilized Molecules.- Smart, Temperature-Responsive Surfaces.- Electrokinetic Trapping of Proteins In Cast-to-Shape Matrices.- Lipid Membrane Microarray with Discrete Chambers.- Protein Patterning with Programmable Surface Chemistry Chips.- Multichannel Capillary Electrochromatography PMMA Microdevice with Integrated Pulsed Conductivity Detector.- Development of Electrochemical Methods for Monitoring of Single Macromolecule Processes.- Separation and Detection of Organic Acids in A CE Microdevice with Contactless Four-Electrode Conductivity Detection.- Bioanalytical Device for Highly Selective Measurement of in Vivo Biochemicals.- A Novel Contactless Impedance Detector with Shallow Insulation Gap.- Micromachined Polymeric Tip as an Electrospray Ionization Source.- Modified Porous Silicon Surfaces as Dios-MS Sample Plates.- PDMS Electrospray Devices Fabricated by PDMS-Diamond-Coated SU-8 Masters.- Microfluidic Device with Integrated Protein Digestion, Peptide Separation and Nanoelectrospray Interface on Poly(Dimethylsiloxane) PDMS Substrate.- Quantitative Measurement and Control of Electrokinetically Driven Flow in Microspace.- Controlling Cell Development by Microfluidic Techniques: A Step Towards Whole-Cell Biosensors with Defined Biological Features.- Protein Dynamics Study Using A Continuous-Flow Microfluidic Mixer.- Field Testing and New Applications of A Gas Phase Miniature Chemical Analysis Systems (?Chemlab™).- Results from ?Chemlab™/CB, A Portable System for Detecting Chemical and Biological Warfare Agents.- Development of Micro Detector for Benzo[A]Pyrene Monitoring.- Development and Evaluation of A Gas Absorption Microchip Using Porous Glass Plate.- Development and Optimization of Air-Pollutant Monitoring Device Incorporating with Microchip.- Portable System for Selective Detection of Aromatic VOC Mixture-Gases Using A Microfluidic Device.- Free Flow Electrophoresis Device Showing Sub-Second Isoelectric Focusing for A Peptide.- A New Application by Microfabricated free Flow Electrophoresis Module.- Nano-Fabricated Size Exclusion Chromatograph.- Pinpoint Injection and Dielectrophoretic Floating of Autonomously Aligned Microtools.- Rapid Precolumn Reaction and Chiral Separation on an Integrated Microchip.- Stepwise Gradient of Linear Polymer Matrices in Microchip Electrophoresis for High Resolution Separation of DNA.- Continuous Cell Preparation Using Traveling Wave Dielectrophoresis.- A New Plastic CE Chip with Wide Optical Clarity Using Cyclic Olefin Copolymers(COC).- Microchip Eletrophoresis of Oligosaccharides from Glycoprotein.- Diagnosis of Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) Through Affinity Chromatography Using Photolabile Magnetic Beads Linked RNA Aptamer on A Chip.- Continuous Cell Partitioning in Two-Phase Flow System.- Gene Mutation Assay by Affinity Microchip Electrophoresis Using DNA-Polyacrylamide Conjugate.- Removal of Sodium Ion and Chiral Analysis Using Crown Ether as A Chiral Selector in Microchip Electrophoresis.- A Multilayer Microelectrode Array for Particle Separation by Dielectrophoresis.- Continuous Free-Flow Electrophoresis Separation of Proteins by Microfabricated Chamber with Micromodule Fraction Separator.- Viral Separations Using A Microfabricated Electrical Splitt System.- Chip Based Single-Column TITP (Transient Isotachophoresis) Separator.- Capillary Electrochromatography and Preconcentration of Neutral Compounds on PDMS Microchips.- A Microconcentrator for Sensors and Chromatography.- Miniaturization of Protein Separation: Isoelectric Focusing and SDS-Page.- On-Line Mid-IR (Quantum Cascade Laser and Ftir Spectrometric) Detection in Capillary Based Separation Systems.- Monolithic Silica Columns for Capillary HPLC.- Beads in Biochemical Microfuluidics.- High Performance Two Dimensional Separations of Tryptic Digests on Microfluidic Devices.- 2-D Protein Sparation with Chromatography and Isoelectric Focusing.- A 15 Seconds Protein Separation by Employing Hidrodynamic Force on A Microchip.- Integrated Temperature Control System for Microfluidic Devices.- Patterning Flows Using Grooved Surfaces: Application to Microfluidics.- Micro-Evaporator for Pretreatment of Environmental Monitoring.- Autologous Blood Recovery and Wash in Microfluidic Channel Arrays Utilizing Ultrasonic Standing Waves.- Planar Ultra-Filtration Chip for Rapid Plasma Separation by Diffusion.- Microfluidic Device for Bioanalysis Using Freely Moving Beads Trapped in A Recirculating Flow.- Spr Imaging Measurements of Peptide Microarrays in PDMS Microfluidic Channels on Gold Thin Films.- Shah Convolution Fourier Transform Detection of Particle Velocities by Using an Integrated 1×128 Planar Waveguide Beamsplitter.- A Micro Viscosity Detector for Use in Miniaturized Chemical Separation Systems.- Towards Integrated Microsystems for Chemical Synthesis.- Enabling Technologies for A Personal Flow Cytometer (Part I).- Leukocytes Discrimination by Impedance Spectroscopy Flow Cytometry.- Design and Fabrication of Micro/Nano-Fluidic Chip Performing Single-Cell Positioning and Nanoliter Drug Injection for Single-Cell Analysis.- A Circular AC Electroosmotic Micropump for Chromatographic Applications.- Pulsed Field Electrophoresis: A New Approach for High Throughput Experimentation for Non-Fluorogenic Assays.- Temperature Gradient Focusing.- Development of Electrophoretic Analysis System Using Multiple Channel Microchips.- Improved Sample Injection Method Adapting Hydrophobic Passive Valve Systems for Microfluidic Devices.- A Closed-Loop Calibration System for A Microdialysis-Based Lab-on-A-Chip.- Factors Influencing Response Time of Dep Microfluidic Actuation.- Droplet Flight Stability and Sample Enrichment by Gas-Flow Guided Dispensing.- Protein Microarray Patterned by A Surface-Tension-Driven Stamping System with Discrete Dispensing Channels.- Micromachined Hollow Needle with Integrated Pressure Sensor for Precise, Calibrated Injection into Cells and Embryos.- Falling-Drop Interface for Continuous Sample Introduction EN Microfluidic Chips.- New Assays and Based on Laminar Fluid Diffusion Interfaces -Results from Prototype and Product Testing.- A New Approach for Fabricating A Zero Dead Volume Electrospray Tip for Non-Aqueous Microchip CE-MS.- Silicone Rubber Coupling for Micro Fluidic Devices - Theoretical Analysis of Sealing Properties for Interconnection-.- A Rapid, Flow-Through, DNA Extraction Module for Integration into Microfluidic Systems.- The Influence of Flow Channel Geometry on Capture Efficiency of Rare Cells Using Protein A-Anti Human CD3 Magnetic Beads.- Engineering Improvement of The Generation-2 ?Chemlab™ Biotoxin Detector.- Spatially Localized Voltage Control in Glass Microchannels for Enhanced Sample Handling Flexibility.- Integrated Electrospray Chip for Mass Spectrometry.- Dissolvable and Asymmetric Hydrogels as Components for Microfluidic Systems.- The Development of Quite Low Cost Disposable, Rapid, Individually Controlled Matrix (10 × 10) Microreactor System.- Demonstration of Hydrogel Volume Control Using Pulse Width Modulation.- Dep-Driven Simultaneous 2×2 Droplet Mixer Array.- Integrated Thin Film Temperature Sensors for Polycarbonate Microfluidics.- Polyimide-Based Microfluidic Devices with Nanoporous Membranes for Filtration and Separation of Particles and Molecules.- Micro Electrophoresis Chips with On-Chip Optical Waveguides Utilizing Novel Buried SU-8/SOG Double Layers.- Dynamics of Bubbles in Microchannels.- Experimenmtal Verification of A Bi-Directional Driving System for Microfluids.- Microfabrication of A SI Mesh Structure Depth Filter.- In-Situ Fabrication of Dialysis Membranes in Glass Microchannels Using Laser-Induced Phase-Separation Polymerization.- Micro Ultrasonic Homogenizer Chip Made by Hybrid Microstereolithography.- The ?-Injector: A New Electrokinetic Dispensing Element for Microdevice Separations.- Manipulation of Suspended Particles in A Laminar Flow.- Polymer-Based Actuators Integrated into Microfluidic Systems.- Barrier Embedded Chaotic Micromixer.- Magnetically Actuated Colloidal Chains in Microchannels.- Size Exclusion Chromatography with Patterned Nano-Pillar Array.- Size Exclusion Chromatography Using Self-Organized Nano-Pores in Anodic Porous Alumina.- Nanochannel on Fused-Silica Microchip and Liquid Properties Investigation by Time-Resolved Fluorescence Measurements.- Controlled Quantum Dot Synthesis within Microfluidic Circuits.- PDMS Nanostructures for Biomolecules Analysis.- Nanostructured Electrodes for Neural Chip Applications.- Molecular Filter-Nanosieve.- Development of Microfluidic Shear Assays for Quantitative Analysis of Cell Adhesion.- A Microfluidic Biosystem for Metabolic Monitoring of Human Islet Cells with Integrated Biosensors.- A Labchip® Cell Sorting and Deposition System Based on A Rapid Functional Response to Stimulation of Purinoceptors.- Positioning and Immobilization of Drosophila Embryos in 2-D Arrays for Drug Injection.- Towards Single-Cell-Controlled Electroporation in A Microfluidic Device.- Enhanced Velocity Gradients within Microfluidics for Cellular Manipulation.- Cell Analysis in Valved Microfluidic Devices.- A Multi-Purpose Micro System for Electrophysiological Analyses of Single Cells.- Topologically Induced Bacterial Aggregation in A Microfabricated Random Maze.- Monitoring of Human Chemiluminescent Reporter Cell Lines Expressing G-Protein-Coupled Receptors in A Microfluidic System.- Development of Novel Bioassay System Using Micropatterned Mammalian Cells.- DNA Extraction from Bacterial Cells by Reverse Electroporation and Splitt Methods on A Microfabricated Device.- Cell Separation with Transient Adhesions.- Gene Manipulation System on Integrated Polymer Microchips.- Three Dimensional PDMS Microstructure for 3T3-L1 Fibroblast and HEP G2 Cells Perfusion Culture.- Dielectrophoretic Chromatography of Cells.- Cellular Analysis System of Histamine Release on A Microchip.- Synchronization of Bacterial Cultures in A Microsystem.- Single Cell Analysis of Bovine Chromaffin Cells Using Micro Electrical Impedance Spectroscopy.- On-Chip Neural Cell Cultivation System for Long-Term Observation with Multi Electrode and Micro-Chamber Arrays.- Self-Assembled Magnetic Beads for Cell Sorting.- Observation of Extremely Low Transmembrane Potential of Cells in Electroporation Using Microchips.- On Chip Generation and Reaction of Unstable Intermediates: Monolithic Microreactors for Diazonium Chemistries.- Microsystems Technology for Cell Screening in New Medicines Discovery.- Electrophysiological High Throughput Drug Screening System.- A Combinatorial Library of Pyrazoles Performed in an Automated Micro Reactor System.- High-Throughput Screening of Anticancer Drugs Using Microarray Based Cell Chip.- Electric Field Assisted Extraction and Focusing of Fingerprint Residues by Means of A Microfluidic Device.- Design of A Microfluidic Flow Injection Analysis System.- Biochemical Reaction on A Chip Using A Quantitative Volume Control.- Integrated Device for Point-of-Care Genotyping.- Photocyanation of Aromatic Hydrocarbons Across Oil/Water Interface in Polymer Microfluidic Chips.- Microfluidic Protein Patterning Controlled by Hydrophobic Surface and Pneumatic Control.- Fabrication and Applications of Polymer-Based Microchannel-Heater Chip as Microreactor.- CdSe Nanoparticles Formation in A Microspace and Their Properties.- To Place Cells as an Array Using Aspiration Technique.- An Integrated Chemiluminescence Detector for Measuring Enzymatically Generated Hydrogenperoxide.- An Atmospheric-Pressure Microplasma Jet Source for Optical Emission Spectroscopy of Liquid Sample.- Rapid Detection of Microorganisms Using Microwaves.- Quantification of Molecular Mixing with Epifluorescence Imaging.- Evaluation of The Capture Efficiency for DNA in A Flow Through Device.- Practical Studies on Multi-Channel Operation of A Novel Highly Sensitive Quartz Crystal Microbalance-Based Planar Biosensor.- Sensitivity Enhancement in Chip-Based Capillary Electrophoresis Systems by A Hadamard Transform Approach.- Micro/Nano Machined Devices Probing into Nano/Bio World.- Bio-Chemical Analysis on Microfabricated Polymer Chips.- Biochemical Signal Transfer Using Liposomes in Microfluidic Channels.- Novel Biomolecule Sorter Using Thermosensitve Hydrogel in Micro Flow System.- Fixation and Isolation of Microorganisms by Local Viscosity Control of Methyl Cellulose Solution.- Chemico-Functional Membrane for Integrated Chemical Processes on A Microchip.- In Situ Fabricated Microchannels Using Porous Polymer and Xenon Difluoride Etchant.- Direct Nanomanipulation Tools for Biological Samples.- Microfluidic Circuit for Integrated DNA Sequencing Product Purification and Analysis.- Fully Integrated MCM Microfluidic System for DNA Analysis.- Automated DNA Fraction Collection on Glass Microchips.- A Disposable On-Chip Air Detonator for Driving Fluids on Point-of-Care Systems.- Microfluidic Capillary Systems for The Autonomous Transport of Bio/Chemicals.- Electric Damage Free Separation Chip of Lymphocyte Sub-Unit Employing High Pressure Electroosmosis Pump.- Authors index.


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Publication date: November, 2012
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