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Meyers' Dynamic Radiology of the Abdomen
Normal and Pathologic Anatomy
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Main description:

The Sixth Edition continues the tradition of this great book by applying anatomic knowledge to state-of-the-art imaging. Chapters have been reorganized to help the reader better interpret imaging studies by clearly demonstrating what to expect and where to look for disease spread from each individual organ. Up-to-date chapters explore the dynamic concept, explain its embryologic and anatomic basis, and classify the mechanisms of disease progression. The latest imaging modalities, including CT, MRI, ultrasound, and PET, are incorporated throughout.


-Edited by authority in the field.

-Approach is gold standard to understanding pathologic anatomy and the spread of disease.

-Updated to include latest multi-modality imaging techniques.

Back cover:

The long-anticipated Sixth Edition of Morton Meyers’ classic text, Dynamic Radiology of the Abdomen, is more than a revision. While holding to the fundamental theme of previous editions, the Sixth Edition is a new and updated presentation of a book that first introduced a systematic application of anatomic and dynamic principles to the practical understanding and diagnosis of intraabdominal diseases 34 years ago. The authorship of this revised text has been enlarged by the addition of two international authorities on intraabdominal disease processes—Chusilp Charnsangavej and Michael Oliphant.

The insights introduced by Morton Meyers in the first edition and developed over subsequent editions have ensured the critical position of the radiologist in establishing the diagnosis and clearly established the dynamics and pathways of spread and localization of intraperitoneal infections and malignancies, among other things. The Sixth Edition builds upon this by broadening a vision to encompass global anatomic continuity throughout the abdomen and pelvis.

  • New chapters detail the pattern of lymphatic spread of cancer from primary organs in the abdomen and pelvis

  • Includes new information on the unifying concept of the subperitoneal space of the abdomen and pelvis for clinical applications

  • Over 680 new and updated images and illustrations


1. A New Paradigm 2. Clinical Embryology of the Abdomen 3. Clinical Anatomy of the Abdomen 4. Mechanisms of Spread of Disease in the Abdomen and Pelvis 5. Intraperitoneal Spread of Infections and Seeded Metastases 6. The Extraperitoneal Spaces: Normal and Pathologic Anatomy 7. The Extraperitoneal Pelvic Compartments 8. Patterns of Spread of Disease from the Liver 9. Patterns of Spread of Disease from the Distal Esophagus and Stomach 10. Patterns of Spread of Disease from the Pancreas 11. Patterns of Spread of Disease from the Small Intestine 12. Patterns of Spread of Disease from the Large Intestine 13. Spread of Renal, Upper Urothelial, and Adrenal Pathology 14. Patterns of Spread of Disease of the Pelvis and Male Urogenital Organs 15. Spread of Gynecologic Disease 16. Patterns of Extraabdominal and Extrapelvic Spread 17. Internal Abdominal Hernias


ISBN-13: 9781441959386
Publisher: Springer (Springer New York)
Publication date: October, 2010
Pages: 818
Weight: 1314g
Availability: POD
Subcategories: Gastroenterology, Radiology


Average Rating 

From the reviews of the sixth edition:

“This is a major update of a classic book on the spread of disease within the abdominal cavity. … Written for radiologists, particularly those in training or in the beginning years of practice, the book covers core knowledge that should be learned at that level. Surgeons also may enjoy reviewing this material for the imaging correlation. … This classic book on radiology of the abdomen does a wonderful job … . I highly recommend this book for residents in training.” (Charles C. Matthews, Doody’s Review Service, June, 2011)

“Meyers’ Dynamic Radiology of the Abdomen: Normal and Pathologic Anatomy is the sixth edition of a book aimed at the practicing abdominal radiologist. … The text is clear and concise and the content well organized, with many high-quality images. … beautifully illustrating the normal and pathologic anatomy of the extraperitoneal spaces, clearly fulfilling its intended purposes.  We highly recommend it as a valuable addition to the bookshelf of the practicing abdominal radiologist or radiology resident in training.” (Helen Stunell and Alison Harris, Radiology, Vol. 261 (3), December, 2011)

“The aim of this work was to introduce a systematic application of anatomic and dynamic principles to the practical understanding and diagnosis of intraabdominal diseases. … This sixth edition was obviously written in the same spirit as its predecessors. … Richly illustrated, well-presented and updated, this book is undoubtedly a state-of-the-art work. It will be of greatest interest for radiologists as well as other physicians dealing with abdominal pathology, even and certainly if they do not have to live alone on a desert island.”­­­ (B. Grignon, Surgical and Radiologic Anatomy, Vol. 33, 2011)