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Management of Adults with Traumatic Brain Injury
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Main description:

Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is a public health issue of worldwide proportions, affecting motorists, victims of interpersonal violence, athletes, military service members, and Veterans, among others. Management of Adults with Traumatic Brain Injury provides evidence-informed guidance on the core topics in brain injury medicine, including the epidemiology and pathophysiology of TBI, the medical evaluation and neuropsychological assessment of persons with TBI, and the common cognitive, emotional, behavioral, and other neurological disturbances for which persons with TBI and their families seek clinical care.

The volume offers many useful features to its readers, including:

- Chapters written by an internationally known group of editors and contributors offering cutting-edge, multidisciplinary perspectives in brain injury medicine; - Guidance on the identification and management of early and late postinjury neuropsychiatric disturbances as well as their psychological and psychosocial consequences; - Identification of special issues relevant to the evaluation and treatment of TBI and postconcussive symptoms among, military service members, and Veterans;- Discussion of the ethics and methods of forensic assessment of persons with TBI;- Key Clinical Points that highlight concepts, assessment issues, and clinical management strategies in each chapter; and- A wealth of tables and figures to enhance the accessibility and clinical utility of the book, as well as appendices of additional readings and relevant websites for persons and families affected by TBI and the clinicians providing their care.

Impressive breadth and depth of coverage, logical structure, clinically rich detail, and concise presentation make Management of Adults with Traumatic Brain Injury a must-read for every physician, nurse, and mental health practitioner working to improve the lives of persons with TBI.


Preface.; Section I: Introduction. Overview of traumatic brain injury.; Section II: Assessment. Medical evaluation. Neuropsychological assessment.; Section III: Management. Posttraumatic Cognitive Impairments. Disorders of consciousness. Cognitive impairments. Posttraumatic Emotional and Behavioral Disturbances. Disorders of mood and affect. Anxiety disorders. Posttraumatic stress disorder. Posttraumatic psychosis. Aggressive disorders. Apathy. Substance use disorders. Posttraumatic Somatic Problems. Headache. Seizures and epilepsy. Sleep and fatigue. Posttraumatic sensory impairments.; Section IV: Special Topics. Traumatic brain injury in late life. Athletes and sports-related concussion. Military personnel and veterans with traumatic brain injury. Persistent symptoms after a concussion. Forensic issues and traumatic brain injury.; Appendix A: suggested readings.; Appendix B: relevant websites for persons with TBI and their families.; Index.


ISBN-13: 9781585624041
Publisher: American Psychiatric Publishing
Publication date: May, 2013
Pages: 545
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Subcategories: Psychiatry, Rehabilitation


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