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Laser Dermatology
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Main description:

The continual array of laser technology matology. The pulsed dye laser is the most throughout the world has been nothing short of effective laser for treatment of port wine stains miraculous. Over the last fifteen years, this field but purpura limits its acceptability by patients has continued to grow and expand with the for more cosmetic indications. Both facial and appearance of new technology. This book re- leg vein telangiectasia can also be treated with presents the most up-to-date description of the lasers. Other cutaneous disorders such as p- latest in laser and light-source technology. All riasis, warts and scars can be improved by t- the chapters are written by leading experts from geting the lesion’s cutaneous vessels with app- both North America and Europe. After a chap- priate lasers. Chapter 2 describes our latest ter describing our latest understanding of laser understanding of the laser treatment of vas- physics, which also covers safety aspects, chap- lar lesions. ters are dedicated to laser treatment of vascular When considering treatment of pigmented lesions, pigmented lesions and tattoos, un- lesions, accurate diagnosis of the pigmented wanted hair, and ablative and non-ablative lesion is mandatory before laser treatment. For resurfacing and treatment for medical pur- some pigmented lesions, laser treatment may poses. Each chapter begins with the core even be the only treatment option. Tattoos concepts. These basic points are followed by a respond well to Q-switched lasers.


Truly international book
Written by world experts
Up to date with newest findings
Very practical and reader-friendly

Back cover:

The continual array of laser technology throughout the world has been nothing short of miraculous. Over the last fifteen years, this field has continued to grow and expand with new technologies.

This book represents the most up to date description of the latest in laser and light source technology. All chapters are written by leading experts from both North America and Europe and cover:

* the latest understanding of laser physics and safety

* laser treatment of vascular lesions

* pigmented lesions and tattoos

* unwanted hair

* ablative and non-ablative resurfacing

*the treatment of medical purposes

Each chapter is not only well-illustrated, but also includes quick and easy bullet points and repetitive structure such as:

    * core concepts

    * currently available technologies

    * indications and contraindications

    * an example of each author’s consent form and personal treatment approaches


Basic Laser Physics and Safety.- Laser Treatment of Vascular Lesions.- Laser Treatment of Pigmented Lesions.- Laser Treatment of Unwanted Hair.- Ablative and Nonablative Facial Resurfacing.- Lasers, Photodynamic Therapy, and the Treatment of Medical Dermatologic Conditions.


ISBN-13: 9783642059582
Publisher: Springer (Springer Berlin Heidelberg)
Publication date: October, 2010
Pages: 140
Weight: 254g
Availability: POD
Subcategories: Dermatology, General Practice, Nursing, Plastic/Reconstructive & Aesthetic


Average Rating 

From the reviews:

"This small-format book is … packed with useful information. It is aptly edited by David J. Goldberg and includes an outstanding international group of authors. … Even with its small size, this text contains 108 figures and 15 tables. The photographs are well executed and selected to demonstrate specific clinical conditions and results. If you are looking for an up-to-date treatise on lasers in dermatology, this book will fit the bill. It can function as a minireference for residents or those new to laser technology." (William P. Coleman, Dermatologic Surgery, Vol. 32, 2006)