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Handbook of Child Psychopathology
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In our first edition of the Handbook in 1983, we the origins and course(s) of maladaptive behav­ ior, whatever the causes, whatever the age of on­ noted that child psychopathology should no longer be viewed as a downward extension of set, whatever the transformations in behavioral adult psychopathology. Rather, we suggested expression, and however complex the develop­ that children should be viewed as children, not mental pattern may prove to be. It strives to inte­ as miniature adults, and that a merger of the dis­ grate these two disciplines in an intimate and of­ ciplines of clinical child psychology and devel­ tentimes complex manner. opmental psychology must occur for this evolu­ Careful attention to issues of development and tion to be fully realized. In the second edition of other contextual issues relevant to children, ad­ the Handbook in 1989, we asserted that the syn­ olescents, and their families guided us in our ef­ thesis of these two fields of inquiry was under­ forts to solicit contributors for this third edition.


Basic Issues: Developmental Perspectives; S.B. Campbell. Etiological Factors; M.T. Erickson. Diagnosis, Assessment, Taxonomy, and Case Formulations; T.M. Achenbach. Specific Childhood Psychopathologies: Mental Retardation; N.H. Singh, et al. Learning Disabilities; J.L. Culbertson. Autistic Disorder; L. Schreibman, M.H. Charlop-Christy. Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorders; C.K. Whalen, B. Henker. Conduct Disorders; P.J. Frick. Anxiety Disorders; W.K. Silverman, G.S. Ginsburg. Depressive Disorders; J.A.J. Schwartz, et al. Psychological Aspects of Physical Conditions: Pediatric Headaches: Pathophysiology, Current Assessment and Treatment Methods; E.E. Labbe. Childhood Asthma; T.L. Creer. Juvenile Diabetes; S.B. Johnson. Childhood Cancer; A.G. Friedman, et al. Pediatric AIDS; L. Armistead, et al. Intrafamilial Child Maltreatment; S.T. Azar, et al. Children under Stress; N.A. Milgram. Prevention and Treatment: Psychodynamically Based Therapies; S.W. Russ. Family Treatment; M. Herbert. Behavioral Treatment; B.P. Marx. Prevention: A Proactive-Developmental-Ecological Perspective; R.A. Winett. 4 Additional Chapters. Author Index. Subject Index.


ISBN-13: 9781461377092
Publisher: Springer (Springer US)
Publication date: November, 2012
Pages: 694
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Subcategories: Psychiatry, Psychology


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`Impressive in weight and content alike ... comprehensive and contemporary ... useful both for third year undergraduates and postgraduate teaching ... an excellent addition to any major library.`
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