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Genomic Medicine
From Personalized Healthcare to Public Health
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Main description:

Next-generation sequencing technologies, in particular personal genome sequencing, are rapidly bringing a new molecular era to medicine and healthcare. These technologies are becoming increasingly important in the identification of novel disease-causing mutations and aiding in molecular diagnosis of rare and common conditions. Genomic medicine discusses the translation of genome based findings into personalized medicine and healthcare. Public Health Genomics (PHG) is introduced and discussed in terms of how genome-based knowledge could efficiently be translated into prediction, prevention, diagnosis and management of certain common complex diseases via effective PHG models. The first three chapters introduce next-generation sequencing technologies, exome sequencing, personal genomics and their applications in personalized medicine and individualized healthcare. Subsequent chapters move on to look at the topic from a public health genomics perspective. Efficient integration of genome-based knowledge into healthcare, medicine and public health is discussed. Epigenetics and epigenomics are covered in detail.
Gene-environment interactions (GxE) are at the core of the book, in particular with a focus on the importance of these in common complex diseases such as obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, behavioural disorders and cancers. Nutrigenomics and pharmacogenomics are explored in terms of their implications in personalized healthcare and medicine. Ethical, legal and social issues of personal genome testing and their implications for the field are also covered, before the final chapter looks at the future directions in the field with a specific public health genomics perspective.


Part 1 Introduction. Part 2 Next-generation sequencing and personal genomics: Recent sequencing platforms; Personal genomics; Exome sequencing and personal molecular diagnosis. Part 3 Personalized medicine and individualized healthcare: Personalized healthcare becoming a reality; Personalized medicine in comparison with standard medical care; Genomic Medicine. Part 4 Gene - environment interactions: Epigenetics and epigenomics; Gene-environment interactions (GXE) in common complex diseases; Personalized medicine and healthcare for common complex diseases. Part 5 Public health genomics: Overview of public health genomics as a field; Implications of personalized medicine and healthcare for public health; Genome-based knowledge and public health; Available public health genomics models; Prediction and prevention potential of public health genomics; Public health genomics innovations and applications for common complex diseases. Part 6 Nutrigenomics and pharmacogenomics: Genome-based pharmacology - implications for and use in personalized healthcare and medicine; Genome-based nutrition and dietetics - implications for and use in personalized healthcare and medicine; Implications of nutrigenomics and pharmacogenomics in public health. Part 7 Genome testing and ethical, legal and social issues: Ethical, legal and social issues of personal genome sequencing and genetic testing; Implications for personalized healthcare and medicine, implications for public health genomics and public health. Part 8 Future directions: Road for personalized healthcare and medicine in the next decades and their integration with public health.


ISBN-13: 9781907568619
Publisher: Biohealthcare Publishing
Publication date: May, 2015
Pages: 200
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Subcategories: Genetics, Public Health


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