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Gastrointestinal Cancer Atlas for Endoscopic Therapy
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Main description:

Since a number of mucosal digestive tract cancer detected has increased in recent years with an advance of endoscopic instruments, endoscopic treatment of digestive tract cancer is widely spread in Japan but not in other countries. Minute cancers seem to have own characteristic mucosal signs compared with benign lesions. Therefore, strategies, those are different in Japan from other countries, of endoscopic diagnosis are very important.

The cancer institute hospital of JFCR (Japan foundation of cancer research) is one of the top institutions which do the best endoscopic treatment in Japan. This book is expected to be the first valuable atlas in which the abundant experiences of this hospital offer beautiful photographs of minute cancers without any scars of biopsies which change aspects of original lesions. This book also offer pictures of magnifying endoscopy using NBI (Narrow Band Imaging) and pathological findings.


Shows various images of almost all kinds of minute cancers including differentiated adenocarcinoma, undifferentiated adenocarcinoma and signet ring cell carcinoma


Esophagus.- Keys to Diagnosis of Small and Minute Esophageal Cancer Including Diagnosis by Magnifying Endoscopy with Narrow Band Imaging.- Case Presentations: Esophagus.- Stomach.- Endoscopic Diagnosis of Early Small and Minute Gastric Cancer.- Diagnosis of Minute Gastric Cancer by Narrow Band Imaging.- Endoscopic Treatment of Minute Gastric Cancer in Cases of a Disappearing-Cancer Biopsy.- Case Presentations: Early Gastric Cancer.- Case Presentations: Gastric Carcinoid.- Duodenum.- Case Presentations: Duodenum.- Colon.- Endoscopic Diagnosis of Small and Minute Colorectal Cancers.- Magnifying Endoscopy with Narrow Band Imaging for Diagnosis of Early Colorectal Cancer.- Case Presentations: Small and Minute Colorectal Cancer.


ISBN-13: 9784431998600
Publisher: Springer (Springer Japan)
Publication date: October, 2010
Pages: 144
Weight: 371g
Availability: POD
Subcategories: Gastroenterology, Oncology
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