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Evolutionary Neuropsychology
The Evolution of the Structures and Functions of the Human Brain
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Main description:

Evolutionary Neuropsychology: The Evolution of the Structures and Functions of the Human Brain presents the essential thinking behind neural reuse theories and how major exaptations have profoundly influenced modern brain structures and functions. In order to establish a baseline of knowledge, the book begins by presenting the specific features of the current human brain and its evolutionary background, and then overviews the evolutionary timeline of life-animals, primates and hominids. Reflecting an integration of evolution and neuropsychology, the book covers the more important exaptations that are thought to have occurred in the evolution of today's human brain. With this background in place, the book examines the theories of neural tissue reuse (exaptations) and the various hypotheses about how neural circuitry of the human brain has been recycled, repurposed and redeployed for new, higher cognitive purposes-often without losing the original functions.


1. A Brief History of Life, the First Appearance of Brains, Dual Hemispheres, Adaptations versus Exaptations and Theories of Neuronal Recycling2. A History of Animals, Mammals, Primates, Hominids, and the Earliest Roots of Homo Sapiens3. Introduction to the Brain's Basic Features and Its Volcabulary4. The Hippocampus, Navigation, and Memory Processing5. Sleep and Dreams are Exapted for the Offline Processing of Memories6. The Adaptation and Exaptations of the Frontal Lobes and the Prefrontal Cortex7. The Temporal Lobes: A Series of Exaptations from Sound Instigation and Processing to Fully Symbolic and Syntactical Language8. The Parietal Lobes: Somatosensory Integration to Sense of Self and Beyond9. The Cerebellum: From Movement to Control to Thought Control10. Embodied Cognition: How the Mind Leaks Beyond the Confines of the Brain


ISBN-13: 9780128027202
Publisher: Elsevier (Academic Press Inc)
Publication date: June, 2018
Pages: 275
Weight: 571g
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Subcategories: Neuroscience


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