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Ethics and Security Aspects of Infectious Disease Control
Interdisciplinary Perspectives
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Main description:

The increasing emergence, re-emergence, and spread of deadly infectious diseases which pose health, economic, security and ethical challenges for states and people around the world, has given rise to an important global debate. The actual or potential burden of infectious diseases is sometimes so great that governments treat them as threats to national security. However, such treatment potentially increases the risk that emergency disease-control measures will be ineffective, counterproductive and/or unjust. Research on ethical issues associated with infectious disease is a relatively new and rapidly growing area of academic inquiry, as is research on infectious diseases within the field of security studies. This volume incorporates ethical and security perspectives, thus furthering research in both fields. Its unique focus on the intersection of ethical and security dimensions will, furthermore, generate fresh insights on how governments should respond to infectious disease challenges.
Readers should include professionals and scholars working in infectious disease, epidemiology, public health, health law, health economics, public policy, bioethics, medical humanities, health and human rights, social/political philosophy, security studies, and international politics.


Introduction, Christian Enemark and Michael J. Selgelid; The concept of security, Jonathan Herington; The value of security: a moderate pluralist perspective, Michael J. Selgelid; HIV/AIDS, security and ethics, Michael J. Selgelid and Christian Enemark; Filth and failure: the security politics of cholera, Christian Enemark; Securitizing epidemics: three lessons from history, Stefan Elbe; The disappearing act of global health security, Niamh Stephenson; Extending ethical justification for public health surveillance to situation awareness, Lisa M. Lee; Electronic surveillance for communicable disease prevention and control: health protection or a threat to privacy and autonomy, Gwendolyn L. Gilbert; Ethics of research in epidemic response, Andreas A. Reis and Ronald K.F. Fung; Media ethics and infectious diseases, Claire Hooker, Julie Leaske and Catherine King; Ethics and indigeneity in responding to pandemic influenza: Maori values in New Zealand's emergency planning, Louise Delany; Governance, rights and pandemics: science, public health or individual rights?, Terry Carney and Belinda Bennett; Index.


ISBN-13: 9781409422532
Publisher: Ashgate Publishing Limited
Publication date: November, 2012
Pages: 222
Weight: 658g
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Subcategories: Epidemiology, Infectious Diseases


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