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Emergencies in Critical Care
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Main description:

This essential handbook provides a practical, accessible guide to all emergency situations encountered in the critical care setting. Emergencies are very common in the critical care setting; but also surprisingly predictable. This book helps critical care staff identify those at risk, how to manage them, and be prepared in the ward. The book is split into two halves: the first about emergencies within specific systems; the second concentrates on various conditions or groups of patients. Most chapters begin with a generic description of how to manage emergencies affecting that system, or patient group. This is followed by details of specific diagnoses and how they should be managed. The author team have also tried, where possible, to follow the 'ABC' approach, which is not only the standard approach to emergency management, but also a widely-used scheme for documenting daily reviews on ICU and for documenting trauma management. This book will help all critical care staff involved with the management of emergencies, from the new junior doctor to the experienced staff nurse and consultant in a portable and easily-readable format.


1. Assessment / Stabilisation; 2. Airway; 3. Breathing; 4. Circulation; 5. Neurology; 6. Metabolic and Endocrine; 7. Renal; 8. Gastro-intestinal and hepatic; 9. Haematology; 10. Infections; 11. Surgical patients; 12. Trauma and burns; 13. Obstetric critical care; 14. Poisoning and Overdose; 15. Miscellaneous Conditions; 16. Transfers, retrievals, and major incidents; 17. Organ Donation and coroner referrals; APPENDICES; 1. Common emergency procedures; 2. Reference values; 3. Useful Information


ISBN-13: 9780198568247
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Publication date: October, 2007
Pages: 560
Dimensions: 105.00 x 186.00 x 19.00
Weight: 288g
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Subcategories: Critical Care Medicine, General Practice
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