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Disasters and Public Health
Planning and Response
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Main description:

Disasters and Public Health: Planning and Response, Second Edition, examines the critical intersection between emergency management and public health. It provides a succinct overview of the actions that may be taken before, during, and after a major public health emergency or disaster to reduce morbidity and mortality. Five all-new chapters at the beginning of the book describe how policy and law drive program structures and strategies leading to the establishment and maintenance of preparedness capabilities. New topics covered in this edition include disaster behavioral health, which is often the most expensive and longest-term recovery challenge in a public health emergency, and community resilience, a valuable resource upon which most emergency programs and responses depend. The balance of the book provides an in-depth review of preparedness, response, and recovery challenges for 15 public health threats. These chapters also provide lessons learned from responses to each threat, giving users a well-rounded introduction to public health preparedness and response that is rooted in experience and practice.


1. Public Health Preparedness History and Policy 2. Public Health Preparedness Capabilities 3. Community Disaster Resilience 4. At-Risk Populations 5. Disaster Behavioral Health 6. Bioterrorism 7. Bombings and Explosions 8. Chemical Hazards and Disasters 9. Earthquakes 10. Emerging and Reemerging Infectious Disease Threats 11. Floods 12. Foodborne Threats 13. Heat Waves 14. Hurricanes, Typhoons, and Tropical Cyclones 15. Nuclear and Radiological Disasters 16. Pandemic Influenza 17. Thunderstorms and Tornadoes 18. Volcanoes 19. Wildfires 20. Winter Storms


ISBN-13: 9780128019801
Publisher: Elsevier (Butterworth-Heinemann Ltd)
Publication date: February, 2016
Pages: 538
Weight: 1110g
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Subcategories: Public Health


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