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Digital (R)Evolution in Radiology
Bridging the Future of Health Care
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Main description:

According to a statement of Gordon Moore, the founder of Intel Corporation, computer performance doubles every 18 months. So it is not surprising that the "half-time” of modern computers is rapidly decreasing, meaning computer based radiology equipment ages very fast. Increasing demands of public health for radiology together with a never-ending rapid development of information technology and innovations result in a digital environment, where careful and thorough guidance is necessary.

The book "Digital (R)evolution in Radiology” (2001), edited by Walter Hruby, MD, is such a solid guidance for radiologists and other medical staff working in this field. As Jack I. Eisenman, MD, puts it in his review of this book, "The editor and the authors are authorities who have contributed to adapting, in a user-friendly manner, the digital (r)evolution to the needs of people who operate medical information systems” (Radiology, April 2002).

Almost three years after the first edition Walter Hruby presents the second edition. The book has not only been brought up-to-date, it also has been thoroughly revised and new aspects have been incorporated that focus on the synergy that results from the integration of digital systems used in radiology such as image fusion, "functional” imaging, electronic patient records and health networks, medical chip cards etc. It is intended for radiologists and all other physicians, as well as technicians, scientists, IT-experts, health care providers and health maintenance organisations. The IT-market now has changed to such an extent, that the Integrated Health Care Enterprise becomes reality. So the second edition of "Digital (R)evolution in Radiology" - subtitled "Bridging the Future of Health Care” - provides solid guidance for everyone working in this field.

Special features
o Planning a digital radiology department
o Hard- and software components, including teleradiology
o Functional aspects of monitor reporting
o Virtual reality - 3 D
o Practical digital radiography guide
o Quality assurance
o Synergy effects
o Navigation
o Economical outcome
o Virtual patient


Thoroughly revised and enlarged with brandnew aspects from the integration of digital systems

Editor has long practical and theoretical experience

Practical and solid guidance on how to set up a digital radiology system


Outlook.- Outlook.- Basics of digital radiology.- “Are the new technologies robbing us of our human dignity?” About the new “sciences” within medicine.- Basics of computer technology and digital imaging.- The digital radiology in the digital hospital of the future.- Planning digital radiology: practical approaches.- Radiology information systems in the digital hospital.- Radiology information system and picture archiving and communication system: interfacing and integration.- Horizontal PACS deployment in an integrated system.- Hospital PACS as an agent of continuous change.- Large PACS projects.- A view to the past of the future — Digital (r)evolution at the Danube hospital.- Digital history of radiology.- Medical image archives.- Storage and networks.- Applications using new digital technologies.- Reporting from monitors.- Medical reporting using speech recognition — The KFJ solution (Kaiser Franz Josef Hospital, Vienna, Austria).- Physiological tests and functional diagnosis with digital methods.- eHealth: The economic perspective.- Image fusion.- Expanding the digital revolution to physical anthropology.- Metropolitan healthcare networking.- Teleconsultation in medicine and radiology — theory and legal aspects.- Application service providing (ASP) — a challenge for the future of medicine. An example: marc — major centre for digital image exchange.- Information Technology (IT) in radiology tele-consultation.- Multimodality registration in daily clinical practice.- Ten years experience with computer-assisted interventions from head to toe.- The therapeutic value of mapping and 3D modeling of cartilage lesions in the knee.- Experiences and future aspects of neuronavigation.- F-18-FDG PET in oncology.- Perfusion and spectroscopy in cerebral magnetic resonance tomography (MRT).- Digital mammography.- New advances for imaging laryngo / trachealstenosis by post processing of spiral-CT data.- Current development and economic issues.- Flat panel detectors — closing the (digital) gap in chest and skeletal radiology.- Digital radiology and its cost-effectiveness? — Experiences and recommendations from Vienna’s Donauspital (Danube hospital).- Investing in PACS using real option theory.- Process benchmarking in radiology.- Mobile IT adoption in the enterprise: 2004 update.- Epilogue.- Virtual reality – symbiosis of science and art.- Internet activism — Beyond Microsoft’s walls.


ISBN-13: 9783211998731
Publisher: Springer (Springer Vienna)
Publication date: October, 2010
Pages: 400
Weight: 970g
Availability: POD
Subcategories: General Issues, Radiology


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