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Diagnostic Joint Imaging in Rheumatology
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Main description:

Diagnostic Joint Imaging in Rheumatology presents a practical and comprehensive approach that provides a robust framework for review and interpretation of joint imaging studies. This resource is organized by anatomic region affected - different from current books in the market organized by disease. This approach of addressing each individual region is more valuable to learners, who will be prompted to consult this reference after being presented with patients who have symptoms affecting specific anatomic regions. Patients present with pain/stiffness in affected joints/regions and not with established diagnoses. A high proportion of patients presenting to primary care practitioners, including internists, have symptoms based in musculoskeletal disease. An even higher proportion of patients presenting to rheumatologists have symptoms and signs of musculoskeletal disorders. These patients need to be assessed for joint diseases, and in addition to 'standard' data collection, diagnostic imaging is often an integral element of the evaluation. Trainees, internists and rheumatologists will benefit from the convenient access to this reference source that clearly delineates the scenarios in which joint imaging could aid in making a diagnosis, which imaging modalities to request, the sensitivity and specificity of the imaging test for each type of joint disease, most importantly - how to make their own assessment of the imaging, and when to request help from a musculoskeletal radiologist.


1. Introduction - Why write this book?
2. How joints are affected by different types of arthritis
3. How imaging can be diagnostic for specific rheumatologic diseases
4. Role of cross-sectional imaging, and how to use this judiciously for diagnosing specific rheumatological conditions and documenting treatment response
5. General outline for how to assess joint x-ray's (ABCD'S)
6. Hand
7. Wrist
8. Elbow
9. Shoulder
10. Cervical spine
11. Thoracic-Lumbar spine and pelvis
12. Hip
13. Knee
14. Ankle
15. Foot


ISBN-13: 9780128216309
Publisher: Elsevier (Elsevier Science Publishing Co Inc)
Publication date: January, 2023
Pages: 325
Weight: 610g
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Subcategories: Endocrinology


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