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Communities that Care
Building Community Engagement and Capacity to Prevent Youth Behavior Problems
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Main description:

Scholars and policymakers increasingly call for evidence-based, prevention-oriented, and community-driven approaches to improve public health and reduce youth crime, substance use, and related problems. However, few functional models exist. In Communities that Care, four leading experts on prevention describe one such system to illustrate how communities effectively engage in prevention activities. Communities That Care (CTC) is a coalition-based prevention system
implemented successfully in dozens of communities across the world that promotes healthy development and reduces crime rates for youth. Drawing on literature from criminology, community psychology, and prevention science this book describes the conditions and actions necessary for effective community-based prevention.
The authors illustrate how effective community-based prevention can be undertaken by describing how the CTC prevention system has been developed, implemented, evaluated, and disseminated across the U.S. and internationally. Communities that Care shares invaluable lessons about the implementation and evaluation of community-level interventions and establishes a set of best practices for anyone seeking to engage in and/or evaluate effective prevention efforts.


ISBN-13: 9780190299224
Publisher: Oxford University Press (OUP USA)
Publication date: December, 2018
Pages: 368
Weight: 571g
Availability: Not yet published
Subcategories: Public Health
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Bravo to the developers of Communities that Care who present a very readable overview of CTC and community-based prevention. This impressive book successfully integrates research, practice, and policy and should be required reading for community leaders and policy-makers who intend to create effective and sustainable models that prevent youth problem behavior and promote well-being in their communities." -Mark T. Greenberg, Bennett Chair of Prevention Science, Pennsylvania State University As a pediatrician and public health practitioner, I realize that effective solutions to risky behavior, the main determinant of health in youth, are not likely to be found in the physician's office. Communities That Care represents an important paradigm shift to community interventions that work for the whole population of youth in a community." -Frederick P. Rivara, MD, MPH, Seattle Children's Guild Endowed Chair in Pediatric Research This book offers valuable insights into Communities That Care, a structured coalition planning process that leads to measurable improvements in child and youth health and wellbeing. The process is now used to good effect internationally, including in my country Australia where it has helped reduce health and social problems for our young people." -John Toumbourou, PhD, Chair in Health Psychology, Deakin University, Australia Communities That Care is among the most significant innovations in the history of prevention science, practice, and policy. It is a comprehensive system that provides tools for practitioners and policymakers to prevent youth behavior problems that are unique to their individual communities. Communities That Care is a tested and effective approach that should be implemented widely!" -Jeff Jenson, PhD, Philip D. and Eleanor G. Winn Endowed Professor for Children and Youth, University of Denver