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Combat Sports Medicine
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Main description:

Sports medicine and sports science are relatively new and rapidly developing fields of knowledge. During the past 2 decades, a significant body of scientific knowledge has been published in these areas. However, there is a demand for practical ref- ences which address sports medicine and science in the context of different sports. This demand is higher in some sports including combat sports, which are highly physically and mentally demanding, and cause challenging issues such as risk of blood-borne infections, weight reduction, head injuries, stress management, and safety for women and children. This book has been developed to meet the needs of the practitioners who work with combat sports athletes in order to improve their health and performance. Combat sports include four Olympic sports (boxing, wrestling, judo, and t- kwondo) and other popular sports such as karate, kick boxing, and Wushu. These sports are popular in most countries of the world, both at competitive and rec- ational levels. Combat sports are practiced by people of different ages for a variety of reasons such as to gain fitness and health benefits and to learn self-defense.


Only reference work in this area of sports medicine

Extensive coverage of likely medical results of combat sport

Back cover:

A significant body of scientific knowledge has been published in sports medicine in the past few decades, but there is huge demand for practical references that address different types of sport. This demand is highest in combat sports which are both highly physical and mentally demanding, and cause challenging issues such as risk of blood borne infections, weight reduction, head injuries, and stress management.

Combat Sports Medicine has two parts, the first dealing with common topics in many combat sports: nutrition and psychology; ethical and social issues, including doping; injuries and infections; and combat sports in specific groups. The second part of the book covers aspects of sports science and injuries in selected popular combat sports are discussed.

An international team of contributors have developed this book to meet the needs of practitioners who work with combat sports athletes. Based on the best available research evidence, this represents a key reference for neurologists, psychologists, orthopedic surgeons and sports injury specialists involved in the management of patients who practice contact sports.


I General Topics: 1 Safety and Risk of Combat Sports.- 2 Pre-participation Physical Evaluation.- 3 Protect Equipment.- 4 Doping.- 5 Head Injury.- 6 Blood Borne Infections.- 7 Skin Infections.- 8 Nutrition.- 9 Making Weight and Cutting Weight.- 10 Sports Psychology.- 11 Women.- 12 Children Athletes.- 13 Senior Athletes.- 14 Professional Athlete.- II Combat Sports: 15 Boxing.- 16 Wrestling.- 17 Judo.- 18 Taekwondo.- 19 Karate.- 20 Wushu.- 21 Mixed Martial Arts.- 22 Kickboxing.


ISBN-13: 9781849967921
Publisher: Springer (Springer London)
Publication date: October, 2010
Pages: 368
Weight: 563g
Availability: POD
Subcategories: Accident & Emergency Medicine, Orthopaedics and Fractures, Sports Medicine
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From the reviews:

"This unique book discusses issues involved in caring for participants in combat sports. … Written primarily for those who take an active role in caring for athletes participating in combat sports, the book will be useful for physicians, nurses, athletic trainers, and other practitioners. … With the growing popularity of combat sports worldwide, this is a valuable resource for individuals who are charged with the care of these athletes. It does a great job of familiarizing readers with common concerns encountered in these unique sports." (Chris A. Klenck, Doody’s Review Service, July, 2009)