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Clinical 3D Dosimetry in Modern Radiation Therapy
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Main description:

This book provides a first comprehensive summary of the basic principles, instrumentation, methods, and clinical applications of three-dimensional dosimetry in modern radiation therapy treatment. The presentation reflects the major growth in the field as a result of the widespread use of more sophisticated radiotherapy approaches such as intensity-modulated radiation therapy and proton therapy, which require new 3D dosimetric techniques to determine very accurately the dose distribution. It is intended as an essential guide for those involved in the design and implementation of new treatment technology and its application in advanced radiation therapy, and will enable these readers to select the most suitable equipment and methods for their application. Chapters include numerical data, examples, and case studies.


Part I Introduction

Chapter 1 Introduction and overview of the contents of the book
Ben Mijnheer

Chapter 2 Accuracy requirements for 3D dosimetry in contemporary radiation therapy
Jacob Van Dyk, Jerry J. Battista, and Glenn S. Bauman

Part II Instrumentation

Chapter 3 Detectors for reference dosimetry
Simon Duane and Ben Mijnheer

Chapter 4 Point detectors for determining and verifying 3D dose distributions
Chester Reft

Chapter 5 Polymer gel dosimetry
Yves De Deene

Chapter 6 Radiochromic 3D detectors
Mark Oldham, Titania Juang, and Suk Whan Yoon

Chapter 7 Electronic Portal Imaging Device (EPID) dosimetry
Boyd McCurdy, Peter Greer, and James Bedford

Chapter 8 2D and semi-3D dosimetry systems
Donald A. Roberts, Kelly C. Younge, and Jean M. Moran

Part III Measurement and Computation

Chapter 9 Small field dosimetry in photon beams
Indra J Das and Paolo Francescon

Chapter 10 Special delivery techniques
Tomas Kron

Chapter 11 4D dosimetry
Emma Colvill, Jeremy Booth, and Paul Keall

Chapter 12 Light-ion beam dosimetry
Hugo Palmans

Chapter 13 Monte Carlo applications in clinical 3D dosimetry
Indrin J. Chetty and Joanna E. Cygler

Chapter 14 Quantifying differences in dose distributions
David Westerly and Moyed Miften

Part IV Clinical Applications

Chapter 15 Acceptance testing, commissioning, and QA of linear accelerators
Michael Altman and Eric Klein

Chapter 16 Commissioning and QA of treatment planning systems
Nesrin Dogan, Ivaylo B. Mihaylov, and Matthew T. Studenski

Chapter 17 Patient specific QA: pre-treatment 3D dose verification
Dietmar Georg, Catharine H. Clark, and Mohammad Hussein

Chapter 18 Patient specific QA: in vivo 3D dose verification
Ben Mijnheer

Chapter 19 Audits using end-to-end tests
David S. Followill, Catharine H. Clark, and Tomas Kron

Chapter 20 Brachytherapy dosimetry in three dimensions
J. Adam M. Cunha, Christopher L. Deufel, and Mark J. Rivard

Chapter 21 Dose outside the treatment volume in external beam therapy
Stephen Kry, Rebecca Howell, and Bryan Bednarz

Chapter 22 Imaging dose in radiation therapy
Jonathan Sykes, Parham Alaei, and Emiliano Spezi

Chapter 23 Dose verification of proton and carbon ion beam treatments
Katia Parodi

Part V Emerging Technological Developments

Chapter 24 Dosimetry of small animal precision irradiators
Frank Verhaegen and Dietmar Georg

Chapter 25 3D dosimetry in synchrotron radiation therapy techniques
Elke Brauer-Krisch

Chapter 26 3D dosimetry in magnetic fields
Geoffrey S. Ibbott, Gye Won (Diane) Choi, Hannah Jungeun Lee, Yvonne Roed, and
Zhifei Wen


ISBN-13: 9781482252217
Publisher: Elsevier (Apple Academic Press Inc.)
Publication date: November, 2017
Pages: 448
Weight: 571g
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Subcategories: Oncology


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