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China and Covid-19
Domestic and External Dimensions

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Main description:

Coronavirus Disease (Covid-19), originating in Wuhan in China and spreading to the rest of the country and the world, is a defining moment in the current human history. By mid-July, it affected over 13 million, consummated over half-a-million lives, disrupted the socio-economic fabric of many countries and bean mutating into a 2nd or 3rd phases. China has been at the centre of this process, although now other countries have taken its place in this tragic contagious epidemic. This volume, written by China experts, is the first comprehensive inter-disciplinary and area studies' evaluation of China's domestic and external dimensions of handling the Covid-19.

The first section is focused on the Covid-19origins and development, governance issues, economy, media coverage, armed forced responses, utilisation of hi-tech gadgets in addressing the Covid-19 and impact on the sports- all within China. The second section has its focus on the external dimension- the spread of Covid-19 to several countries with focus on Taiwan, United States, Russia, Europe, Japan, South Asia, Southeast Asia, Australia, Latin America and Africa. Policy responses of these countries as well as relations with China in addressing Covid-19 are highlighted. Issues raised include the origins of Covid-19 and the controversies thereof, how China's leadership addressed the contagion, governance issues, impact on the economic production, role of the media, armed forces, hi-tech usage, impact on sports industry. In the external dimensions, systematic analysis of the spread of the contagion abroad, application of different models of addressing and controlling the virus and the problems thereof were made.

Given the continuing incidences of Covid-19 spread across the world, this volume is being offered for the policy makers, health professionals, non-traditional security experts, academic, media and the general reader.


ISBN-13: 9789390095094
Publisher: Pentagon Press
Publication date: January, 2021
Pages: None
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Subcategories: Epidemiology, Public Health


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