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Children's Nursing Case Book
by Tony Long and LONG
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Main description:

Nursing children and young people is increasingly complex requiring nurses to apply their knowledge and skills to a wide scope of illnesses and situations. The challenges to nurses to analyse, reflect on different perspectives and then adapt practices to the benefit of service users are reflected in this book. Each scenario in this text is created based on real life cases and practice. The 23 cases connect knowledge with practice and guide you through the anatomy and physiology and the physical and psychological responses to stressors, which are then linked to intervention decisions.
Cases include: * Providing care for children and young people with life-limiting conditions * Acutely ill children including those with asthma, and an infant with pyrexia and febrile convulsions * Long term conditions including diabetes, renal disease and the transfer to adult services * Those who are critically ill such as a child with typhoid fever and a toddler with a head injury * Supporting emotional and mental health in anorexia and autistic spectrum disorder * Promoting healthy lifestyles, considering obesity and alcoholism * Care for children with trauma, including a child with a learning disability Remaining vigilant for indicators of safeguarding concern, encouraging self-care, and promoting mental resilience are all incorporated, with examples from a range of care environments. Calculation exercises are interspersed to keep these skills sharp. This Case Book is an ideal learning resource, tailored to help nurses learn in a focused way about practice and excel, whether on placements, in academic work, or in professional practice.


Part I - Promoting health CASE 1 A 5 year old girl who is clinically obese CASE 2 A 7 year old boy who appears to be neglected CASE 3 A 14 year old girl admitted to hospital after trying alcohol PART 2 - Acutely ill children CASE 1 An infant with pyrexia and febrile convulsions resulting from an unknown infection CASE 2 Emergency admission with brittle asthma CASE 3 Emergency surgery for appendicitis PART 3 - Critically ill child CASE 1 Respiratory Distress Syndrome (RDS) in a neonate CASE 2 A two year old toddler who has sustained a head injury CASE 3 A child with a suspected diagnosis of typhoid fever following recent foreign travel CASE 4 Planned elective surgery for congenital spinal disorder: post-surgical care PART 4 - Trauma CASE 1 Car accident, mother killed CASE 2 An 11 year old child with learning disability who steps into scalding bath water and partly submerges his feet, lower legs and buttocks CASE 3 Knife assault PART 5 - Long-term conditions CASE 1 Neonatal Prematurity CASE 2 A child with newly diagnosed type 1 diabetes mellitus who is in transition from primary to secondary school CASE 3 A baby with short gut, referred to tertiary services following presentation with failure to thrive CASE 4 A teenager with chronic renal disease awaiting transfer from paediatric services to adult services PART 6 - Emotional and mental health CASE 1 Autism Spectrum Disorder CASE 2 A teenage girl with anorexia CASE 3 Sickle Cell Disease PART 7 - Life-limiting conditions and palliative care CASE 1 Deterioration of mobility in a boy with Duchenne muscular dystrophy CASE 2 Osteosarcoma in a teenager who develops secondaries CASE 3 Transition to adult services: Cystic Fibrosis


ISBN-13: 9780335264629
Publisher: McGraw-Hill (Open University Press)
Publication date: July, 2016
Pages: 248
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Subcategories: Nursing


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