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Published June, 2018
By Amber Mathiesen and Kali Roy
Publisher: Oxford University Press (OUP USA)
Series: Genetic Counseling in Practice

An essential new text for genetic counseling's most sought-after skills Foundations of Perinatal Genetic Counseling is a practical introduction to the concepts and skills in genetic counseling with clients before and during pregnancy. Authored by genetic counselors at the forefront of contemporary perinatal practice, this all-in-one reference provides an accessible yet comprehensive overview of: · the basics of pregnancy, including assisted reproductive technologies and high-risk pregnancy management · preimplantation and prenatal genetic screening and diagnosis · the structure and goals of a genetic counseling appointment · common clinical scenarios and best-practice approaches

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This book is the first text devoted to research methodology in genetic counseling. This text offers step-by-step guidance for conducting research, from the development of a question to the publication of findings. Genetic counseling examples, user-friendly worksheets, and practical tips guide readers through the research and publication processes.

Paperback / softback
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