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Biological NMR Part A: Volume 614
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Biological NMR, Part A, the latest release in the Methods of Enzymology series, highlights new advances in the field, with this new volume presenting interesting chapters on topics such as Protein methyl labeling, Membrane protein expression - yeast, Protein aromatic labeling, His-tag/Metal contamination, Bicelles, nanodiscs and micelles MP host, PTM - phosphorylation, PTM - lipidation, Screening platform for receptor-ligand discovery

Solution Spectroscopy, Large protein strategies, NUS data collection/analysis, F19 incl. hydration, ODNP - hydration, Reverse micelle - Hydration Solid State Spectroscopy, SS NMR membrane proteins, SS NMR soluble/aggregate proteins, SS DNP - general, SS NMR nucleic acids, Structure determination and computer analysis, and much more.


1. Selective Methyl Labeling of Proteins: Enabling Structural and Mechanistic Studies As Well As Drug Discovery Applications by Solution-State NMR Andrew Proudfoot, Andreas O. Frank, Alexandra Frommlet and Andreas Lingel 2. Isotopic Labeling of Eukaryotic Membrane Proteins for NMR Studies of Interactions and Dynamics Igor Dikiy, Lindsay Clark, Kevin H. Gardner and Daniel M. Rosenbaum 3. Optimal Isotope Labeling of Aromatic Amino Acid Side Chains for NMR Studies of Protein Dynamics Ulrich Weininger 4. A Quick and Colorful Method to Measure Low-Level Contaminations of Paramagnetic Ni2+ in Protein Samples Purified by Immobilized Metal Ion Affinity Chromatography Starla D. Glover and Cecilia Tommos 5. Toolkit for NMR Studies of Methyl-Labeled Proteins Paolo Rossi, Yoan R. Monneau, Youlin Xia, Yojiro Ishida and Charalampos G. Kalodimos 6. Synthetic Biology-Based Solution NMR Studies on Membrane Proteins in Lipid Environments Erik Henrich, Frank Loehr, Julija Mezhyrova, Aisha Laguerre, Frank Bernhard and Volker Doetsch 7. Preparation of Phosphorylated Proteins for NMR Spectroscopy Ganesan Senthil Kumar, Rebecca Page and Wolfgang Peti 8. Synthesis and NMR Characterization of the Prenylated Peptide, a-Factor Taysir K. Bader, Todd M. Rappe, Gianlugi Veglia and Mark D. Distefano 9. The Preparation and Solution NMR Spectroscopy of Human Glycoproteins Is Accessible and Rewarding Adam W. Barb, Daniel J. Falconer and Ganesh P. Subedi 10. Nonuniform Sampling for NMR Spectroscopy Scott Robson, Haribabu Arthanari, Sven G. Hyberts and Gerhard Wagner 11. Exploring Protein Conformational Landscapes Using High-Pressure NMR Julien Roche, Catherine A. Royer and Christian Roumestand 12. CS-ROSETTA Santrupti Nerli and Nikolaos G. Sgourakis 13. Combining Evolutionary Covariance and NMR Data for Protein Structure Determination Yuanpeng Janet Huang, Kelly P. Brock, Yojiro Ishida, Gurla V.T. Swapna, Masayori Inouye, Debora S. Marks, Chris Sander and Gaetano T. Montelione 14. Combining NMR Spectroscopy and Molecular Dynamic Simulations to Solve and Analyse the Structure of Protein-RNA Complexes Sebastien Campagne, Miroslav Krepl, Jiri Sponer and Frederic H-T. Allain


ISBN-13: 9780128138601
Publisher: Elsevier (Academic Press Inc)
Publication date: January, 2019
Pages: 440
Weight: 820g
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Subcategories: Biochemistry


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