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A Practical Approach to Movement Disorders
Diagnosis and Management

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Main description:

Revised Third Edition of the practical yet authoritative guide to diagnosis and treatment of movement disorders. Written in an expanded outline format, this book is packed with flow charts, algorithms, and tables to provide quick access to point-of-care information. Easy-to-read and thoroughly up-to-date, this new edition includes the latest diagnostic and treatment protocols, recent FDA-approved drugs, and non-pharmacological therapies. With coverage of all major disease categories, this essential handbook belongs in the pocket of any clinician who suspects a movement disorder in a patient.The book is organized by medical, behavioral, surgical, and non-pharmacological treatment approaches to movement disorders. Opening chapters walk the practitioner through clinical presentation, diagnosis, and work-up of common and uncommon disorders, sleep-related movement disorders, eye and vestibular function, including pediatric issues. Behavioral and psychiatric complications for Parkinson disease, Huntington disease, and Tourette syndrome follow, with a fully reconfigured chapter on functional movement disorders, incorporating changes in classification and treatment approach. Expanded chapters on surgical devices and indications address deep brain stimulation surgery; lesioning, shunts, and pumps; post-operative care; and neuropsychological, social, and ethical issues. The final section on non-pharmacological approaches covers physical and occupational therapy, speech and swallowing therapy, nutrition, and palliative care.

Key Features:

Thoroughly revised and updated third edition of popular practical resource for busy clinicians
Incorporates most recent evidence for the pharmacological, behavioral, surgical, and non-pharmacological treatment of the full spectrum of movement disorders
Expanded bullet-point outline format for quick access to essential information
Loaded with illustrative flow charts, algorithms, and tables outlining drug dosing, side effects, and other therapeutic treatments
Purchase includes digital access for use on most mobile devices or computers


PART I. Getting Started
Chapter 1. The Body Language of Movement Disorders
PART II. Diagnostic and Pharmacological Approach to Movement Disorders
Chapter 2. Tremors
Chapter 3. Parkinsonism
Chapter 4. Parkinson Disease
Chapter 5. Dystonia
Chapter 6. Chorea
Chapter 7. Spasticity
Chapter 8. Myoclonus
Chapter 9. Ataxia
Chapter 10. Tics
Chapter 11. Sleep-Related Movement Disorders
Chapter 12. Approach to Eye and Vestibular Function in Movement Disorders
Chapter 13. Key Concepts in Pediatric Movement Disorders
PART III. Behavioral Issues in Movement Disorders
Chapter 14. The Psychiatric Assessment
Chapter 15. Psychiatric Issues in Parkinson Disease
Chapter 16. Psychiatric Issues in Huntington Disease
Chapter 17. Psychiatric Issues in Tourette Syndrome
Chapter 18. Approach to Functional Movement Disorders
PART IV. Surgical Approach to Movement Disorders
Chapter 19. Deep Brain Stimulation Surgery: Indications, Devices, Techniques, Procedure
Chapter 20. Lesioning, Shunts and Pumps
Chapter 21. Post-Operative Care, Programming and Troubleshooting
Chapter 22. Neuropsychological, Social and Ethical Issues in Functional Neurosurgery
PART V. Non-Pharmacological Approach to Movement Disorders
Chapter 23. Exercise and Physical Therapy
Chapter 24. Occupational Therapy and Useful Devices
Chapter 25. Speech and Swallowing Therapy
Chapter 26. Nutritional Considerations
Chapter 27. Palliative Care and Hospice


ISBN-13: 9780826146588
Publisher: Springer (Springer Publishing Co Inc)
Publication date: August, 2021
Pages: 440
Weight: 615g
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Subcategories: Neurology, Rehabilitation


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