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A Multidisciplinary Handbook of Child and Adolescent Mental Health for Front-line Professionals, Third Edition
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Main description:

This handbook provides a succinct introduction to child mental health, covering the nature, prevalence, treatment and management of mental health problems in children and young people.The authors explore a range of issues surrounding the emotional needs of young people, showing how specific problems such as ADHD and learning difficulties can be targeted, while also recognising diversity issues and paying particular attention to at-risk groups. This edition is updated to reflect current direction in services, cutting edge approaches to interventions in primary health care, teaching and social service settings, as well as incorporating children's views on what mental health means to them and the impact of social media.Setting out ways in which young people can be supported by all practitioners in primary care, and covering early years through to late adolescence, the authors have created an invaluable resource for any front-line practitioner working in this area.


PART I. Defining and meeting the mental health needs of children and young people. 1. Defining mental health. 2. Meeting the mental health needs of young people. 3. Assessing the mental health of young people. Part II. Child and family development. 4. Child and adolescent development. 5. Family development. Part III. Factors that influence mental health and relevant legislations. 6. What causes mental health problems in young people? 7. Protective and adverse factors. 8. Legislation relevant to young people and mental health. Part VI. Specific mental health problems of childhood and adolescence. 9. Emotional problems. 10. Behavioural problems. 11. Neurodevelopmental disorders (ADHD and ASD). 12. Learning disability and developmental problems. 13. Major mental disorders. Part V. Management strategies. 14. Basic interventions with applicability in primary care settings. 15. Specialist treatment approaches. Part VI. Promoting and training in child mental health. 16. Promotion and prevention of child mental health. 17. Training in child mental health. Part VII. Exercise and case study solutions. 18. Exercise and case studies solutions. References. Index.


ISBN-13: 9781785920523
Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers
Publication date: November, 2017
Pages: 320
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Subcategories: Counselling & Therapy, Psychiatry


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