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Practitioner's Guide to Ethics and Mindfulness-Based Interventions
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This book focuses on the role of ethics in the application of mindfulness-based interventions (MBIs) and mindfulness-based programs (MBPs) in clinical practice. The book offers an overview of the role of ethics in the cultivation of mindfulness and explores the way in which ethics have been embedded in the curriculum of MBIs and MBPs. Chapters review current training processes and examines the issues around incorporating ethics into MBIs and MBPs detailed for non-secular audiences, including training clinicians, developing program curriculum, and dealing with specific client populations. Chapters also examine new, second-generation MBIs and MBPs, the result of the call for more advanced mindfulness-based practices . The book addresses the increasing popularity of mindfulness in therapeutic interventions, but stresses that it remains a new treatment methodology and in order to achieve best practice status, mindfulness interventions must offer a clear understanding of their potential and limits.Topics featured in this book include:* Transparency in mindfulness programs.* Teaching ethics and mindfulness to physicians and healthcare professionals. * The Mindfulness-Based Symptom Management (MBSM) program and its use in treating mental health issues.* The efficacy and ethical considerations of teaching mindfulness in businesses. * The Mindful Self-Compassion (MSC) Program. * The application of mindfulness in the military context. Practitioner's Guide to Mindfulness and Ethics is a must-have resource for clinical psychologists and affiliated medical, and mental health professionals, including specialists in complementary and alternative medicine and psychiatry. Social workers considering or already using mindfulness in practice will also find it highly useful.


Chapter 1. Introduction.- Part I.- Chapter 2. Is Mindfulness Secular or Religious, and Does it Matter?.- Chapter 3. Ethics, Transparency, and Diversity in Mindfulness Programs.- Chapter 4. Professional Ethics and Personal Values in Mindfulness Based Programs: A Secular Psychological Perspective.- Chapter 5. Ethics and Teaching Mindfulness to Physicians and Healthcare Professionals.- Part II.- Chapter 6. The Moral Arc of Mindfulness: Cultivating Virtues, Wisdom, and Compassion.- Chapter 7. The Purpose, Mechanisms and Benefits of Cultivating Ethics in Mindfulness-Integrated Cognitive Behavior Therapy.- Chapter 8. Mindfulness Based Symptom Management: Mindfulness as Applied Ethics.- Chapter 9. Promoting the Ethics of Care in a Mindfulness-based Program for Teachers.- Chapter 10. Compassion as the Highest Ethic.- Chapter 11. Core Values in Mindful Self-Compassion.- Chapter 12. Mindfulness, Compassion, and the Promise of Global Health Ethics.- Part III.- Chapter 13. Ethics of Teaching Mindfulness in Organizations.- Chapter 14. Paradoxes of Teaching Mindfulness in Business. - Chapter 15. Mindfulness and Minefields: Walking the Challenging Path of Awareness for Soldiers and Veterans.


ISBN-13: 9783319649238
Publisher: Springer (Springer International Publishing AG)
Publication date: October, 2017
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Subcategories: Complementary Medicine, Psychology


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