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Gay Mental Healthcare Providers and Patients in the Military
Personal Experiences and Clinical Care
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This volume tells the history of homosexuality in the United States military beginning in 1986, when the issue first came to the forefront of social consciousness. Each chapter is written through the eyes of gay mental healthcare providers, covering how to steadily adapt and learn to treat veterans struggling with the traumas associated with the stigma of homosexuality in service. Topics include the "Don't-Ask-Don't-Tell" (DADT) policy, its repeal in 2011, and addresses the current trends and challenges. Unlike any other professional book, this text includes the personal stories of gay military mental healthcare providers, as well as gay civilian clinicians who have worked with the military population in various segments in history. These accounts offer invaluable support for medical professionals working with this demographic. Chapters cover the various psychological damage service personnel encounter as it uniquely pertains to those struggling with the stigma of LGBTQ rights. Chapters include clinical pearls for particular psychiatric concerns, lessons learned for the future, and hard-earned successes as stigmas and perceptions evolved over time.Gay Mental Healthcare Providers and Patients in the Military is an excellent resource for psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, policymakers, and all professionals who are interested in LGBTQ rights in the context of veteran psychiatry.


1. Introduction Elspeth Cameron Ritchie 2. Risk and Resilience: A Review of the Health Literature of Veterans Who Identify as LGBT Heliana Ramirez and Katharine Bloeser 3. "I Can Finally Be Me...Why Did It Take So Long?" A History of U.S. Military Policy Regarding Sexual and Gender Minority Service Andrew C. Buchholz and Robert A. Alonso II. Personal Experiences 4. The Reservist Perspective: Service Before and During "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" James R. Batterson 5. Being Discharged Under Don't Ask, Don't Tell Martin Chin 6. A Gay Psychologist's Account of Serving in the Army Reserves and National Guard During Don't Ask, Don't Tell Clifford Trott 7. Does Anybody Have Anything They Want to Say? Joseph E. Wise 8. Family Monica Ormeno 9. Here/Queer/Used to It: An Account of a Post-Don't Ask, Don't Tell Mental Health Provider Jackson Taylor III. Clinical Lessons Learned 10. Ward 52: A Haven for HIV Positive Military Personnel Daniel W. Hicks and Steven J. Tulin 11. Creating Safe Spaces: Best Practices for Clinicians Working with Sexual and Gender Military Service Members and Veterans Heliana Ramirez and Katharine Bloeser 12. Treating LGBT Veterans with Substance Use Disorders-A Gay Psychiatrist's Experience Bruce S. Hill 13. "At Least `Shipmate' is a Gender-Neutral Insult" -A Military Psychiatrist's Introduction to Transgender Military Service Andrew C. Buchholz 14. Ethical Issues Regarding LGBT and Intersex Service Members Edmund G. Howe


ISBN-13: 9783319660257
Publisher: Springer (Springer International Publishing AG)
Publication date: November, 2017
Pages: 300
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Subcategories: General Practice, Psychiatry, Psychotherapy, Public Health


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