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Veterinary Medical Team Handbook
Canine and Feline
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Main description:

Veterinary medicine is a dynamic field allowing team members growth in every aspect of the science and profession. In a single day, a team member may be involved in administrative, emergency and critical care, internal medicine, surgical and radiological teams. With increasing expectations of quality care and technology, team members' knowledge and responsibilities are growing at an exponential rate. The Veterinary Medical Team Handbook is designed as a training resource for veterinarians, technicians and staff. Coverage ranges from administrative tasks and client communication to common diseases, disorders and procedures. The aim is to increase the staff's ability to detect and manage health problems and to enable the team to be more effective communicators with each other and with clients. Two accompanying CD-ROMs contain training modules and interactive case studies for further learning and practice.* A valuable training guide for veterinary practices and hospitals.* Designed for easy reference with abundant bullet points, algorithms, lists and key point boxes.* Covers common diseases, disorders and procedures, as well as administrative tasks and client communication.*
Includes two CD-ROMs with training modules and interactive case studies.


Section I: Your First Two Days On The Job. Chapter 1: Basic Medical Terminology. Chapter 2: Vaccines. Chapter 3: Elective Surgical Procedures. Chapter 4: Safety and Restraint. Chapter 5: Obtaining a Thorough Medical History. Chapter 6: The Medical Record and the 30-second triage exam. Section II: Anatomy & Physiology - The Science behind the diseases. Chapter 7: The Physical Examination. Chapter 8: Skeleton system. Chapter 9: The Teeth and the Oral Cavity. Chapter 10: Gastrointestinal System. Chapter 11: Respiratory System. Chapter 12: Cardiac System. Chapter 13: Urogenital System. Chapter 14: Hepatic System. Chapter 15: Endocrine / Exocrine Pancreas. Chapter 16: Thyroid Gland. Chapter 17: Adrenal Gland. Chapter 18: Reproductive System. Chapter 19: Integumentary System. Chapter 20: Ocular & Otic Systems. Section III: Clinical Diagnostics - The Science behind the diagnostics. Chapter 21: Complete Blood Count. Chapter 22: Chemistry. Chapter 23: Urinalysis, Fecal Diagnostic & General Cytology. Chapter 24: Electrocardiogram. Chapter 25: Radiology, Ultrasound & Endoscopy. Section IV: Understanding the Concepts of Disease & Treatment. Chapter 26: Pharmacology. Chapter 27: Toxins & Poisons. Chapter 28: Fluid Therapy & Care. Chapter 29: Anesthesia. Chapter 30: Shock. Chapter 31: Cardiopulmonary Cerebral Resuscitation. Glossary. Appendix. References. Atlas


ISBN-13: 9780781757591
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons Ltd (Blackwell Publishers)
Publication date: September, 2007
Pages: 552
Dimensions: 216.00 x 275.00 x 28.00
Weight: 1740g
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Subcategories: Veterinary Medicine


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