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Understanding the High-functioning Alcoholic
Breaking the Cycle and Finding Hope
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When people think of the 'typical' alcoholic, images of the 'fallen-down' drunk come to mind. Most do not think of professional men and women with successful careers, vibrant families, and active social lives. However, high-functioning alcoholics exist in great numbers, are unseen, and suffer no less than their struggling, failing counterparts. They include corporate presidents, politicians, teachers, tradesmen, law enforcement officials, lawyers, physicians, and even stay at home parents, who are by most accounts successful. Even as they have created lives most people would envy, the realities of alcoholism eventually strike, and recovery is just as arduous for high-functioning alcoholics as it is for lower functioning alcoholics. Benton reveals the extent of the problem, the challenges in recognizing it, the warning signs, and the methods for addressing it. Through research and interviews with both addiction experts and sober high-functioning alcoholics, she illustrates how, when, and why they become addicted, as well as the reasons their alcoholism is so hard to admit, detect, cope with, and overcome.
Weaving her own story of alcoholism and recovery into the text in the form of past journal entries and reflective pieces, Benton takes us first hand into the lives of high-functioning alcoholics.


Series Foreword Preface Part I. Active Alcoholism 1. Introduction: High-Functioning Alcoholics 2. In the Beginning: High-Functioning Alcoholics in High School 3. Freedom: High-Functioning Alcoholics in College 4. Adrift: High-Functioning Alcoholics as Emerging Adults 5. Falling Uphill: Professional, Intelligent, and Alcoholic 6. Attempts to Cure the Problem: Out of Control and Hitting Bottom Part II. Recovery 7. A New Start: The Paths to Sobriety 8. Filling the Void: Spirituality, Religion, and the Bottle 9. Transformation: The Twelve Steps 10. The Challenge: Life in Recovery A: DSM-IV TR-Substance Dependence Diagnostic Criteria B: DSM-IV TR-Substance Abuse Diagnostic Criteria C: Alcohol Screening Test D: Alcohol Recovery Programs Contact Information


ISBN-13: 9781442203907
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
Publication date: October, 2010
Pages: 224
Dimensions: 155.00 x 231.00 x 15.00
Weight: 340g
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Subcategories: Addictions and Therapy


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