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Understanding and Treating Depression
Biological, Psychological and Behavioral Perspectives
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Main description:

Depression has been alternately described as: a disorder of the central nervous system with a neurological basis; a mental health disease; and, an adaptive behavioural process that may hold some benefits for the person experiencing it. These different views on the nature of depression reflect the lack of a comprehensive model of depression, and the various perspectives that have been taken when attempting to understand why depression occurs, how it proceeds, and what are the most effective ways of either treating it or avoiding it. "Understanding and Treating Depression: Biological, Psychological and Behavioral Perspectives" addresses this issue by reviewing the literature from the areas mentioned above. To elucidate the nature of depression, how it emerges from otherwise 'normal' behaviour patterns, why it should exist at all, and how it might best be treated, this book presents a series of perspectives, beginning with the incidence and effects of depression, some historical views of depression, the currently accepted definitions of depression, the various methods of identifying and assessing depression, and the subtypes of this disorder.
This book then culminates in a comprehensive model of depression. Working from this model, a discussion of the implications it has for treatment options is undertaken, with some suggestions for good clinical practice. This is not a clinical 'how-to' textbook, but rather an attempt to draw together research findings that are relevant to an encompassing model of depression.


ISBN-13: 9780734611604
Publisher: Tilde Publishing
Publication date: March, 2013
Pages: 210
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Subcategories: Psychiatry


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