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Main description:

Prologue -- A short narrative about the authors and the book. Part 1: What's It All About? -- Describes the travelling healthcare industry and how it began. It helps you evaluate your situation and decide if travelling is right for you. It includes the roles of the facilities, agencies, and travellers. Also included are the characteristics of a good traveller, advantages and disadvantages of travelling, and travelling with others (including your pet). Factors involved in filling openings, areas of expertise needed, seasonal assignments, independent contracting, and internet resources are also discussed. Part 2: The Nuts and Bolts of Travelling -- Outlines the "nitty gritty" details important to every traveller: such as housing issues and options , details of benefits offered, how tax advantage programs work, contract clauses, taxes, calculating your pay items, the pitfalls of working less than full time, licensing, your 401(k), and other issues. Part 3: Ready to Take the Plunge? -- Do you think travelling is right for you? If so, Part 3 gets your new career off to a good start.
It helps you choose and apply to agencies, negotiate and finalise your assignment, and helps prepare you to pack up and hit the road. It also includes a discussion of bill rates and how your wages, benefits, and tax-free reimbursements are allocated. An entire chapter takes you step-by-step from leaving your permanent job through your first assignment ...and beyond. Part 4: Additional Topics -- Contains additional topics of interest such as working strikes, breaking your contract, employment testing, the future of travelling, and special California issues. It also discusses the darker side of travelling describing some "interesting" aspects of working with facilities, agencies, and other travellers. Included are 64 pages of full colour photographs showing some of Barry and Donna's adventures. Featuring hardcover binding and offset printing, this quality product is a must for every traveller's library.


ISBN-13: 9780982114902
Publisher: Buffalo Nickel Publishing
Publication date: August, 2009
Pages: 229
Dimensions: 230.00 x 155.00 x 23.00
Weight: 646g
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Subcategories: Nursing


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