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Toxicity and Biodegradation Testing
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This volume presents a broad compendium of techniques used in biodegradation and toxicological research. Through both legacy and up-to-date approaches to practical methodologies with proven results, the book examines the role and applications of analytical biodegradation quantification as it applies to the environmental sciences, particularly in the range of byproducts that are usually linked to toxicology, and the test organisms most often used in toxicity testing. Topics include scientific and technical feasibility studies, contaminant impacts evaluation, study design and analytical techniques, key methodologies required to prepare the biodegradation and toxicology protocols, as well as the handling of microbial communities related to such processes. Written for the Methods in Pharmacology and Toxicology series, chapters deal with a critical discussion of laboratory scale experiments, as well as full scale in situ and ex situ apparatus, with each chapter containing both a discursive section along with a detailed methods section.

Detailed and authoritative, Toxicity and Biodegradation Testing is primarily focused toward the environmental sciences researcher, while the range of techniques also provides an introduction to biodegradation and toxicology methods for researchers outside of the field.


1. Biodegradation of Selected Endocrine Disrupting Compounds

Tomasz Grzeskowiak, Beata Czarczynska-Goslinska, and Agnieszka Zgola-Grzeskowiak

2. Biodegradation and Inhibitory Effects of Antibiotics on Biological Wastewater Treatment Systems

Zeynep Cetecioglu and Merve Atasoy

3. Alternative Approaches to Determine the Efficiency of Biomixtures Used for Pesticide Degradation in Biopurification Systems<

Carlos E. Rodriguez-Rodriguez, Victor Castro-Gutierrez, and Veronica Lizano-Fallas

4. Bioremediation of Methomyl by Escherichia coli

Amritha G. Kulkarni and Basappa B. Kaliwal<

5. Burkholderia sp. Strain BBK_9: A Potent Agent for Propiconazole Degradation

Praveen P. Satapute and Basappa B. Kaliwal

6. Application of Cell Immobilization in Slurry-Phase Bioremediation: Phenanthrene Biodegradation and Detoxification

Ali Partovinia and Fereshteh Naeimpoor

7. Calorimetry and Soil Biodegradation: Experimental Procedures and Thermodynamic Models

Nieves Barros Pena

8. Improved Model for Biodegradability of Organic Compounds: The Correlation Contributions of Rings

Andrey A. Toropov and Alla P. Toropova

9. Biological Testing and Toxicity Bioassays in Biodegradation: Towards Better Process Control

Maha M. Ismail, Mariam Hassan, and Tamer M. Essam

10. An Overview of Methods to Detect Biodegradation Limiting Conditions

Jaqueline Matos Cruz, Renato Nallin Montagnolli, Elis Marina Turini Claro, Gabriela Mercuri Quiterio, Jose Rubens Moraes Junior, Paulo Renato Matos Lopes, and Ederio Dino Bidoia

11. Bioassays Used to Assess the Efficacy of Biodegradation

Dania E.C. Mazzeo, Matheus M. Roberto, Lais R.D. Sommaggio, and Maria A. Marin-Morales

12. New Approach of Dye Removal in Textile Effluent: A Cost Effective Management for Cleanup of Toxic Dyes in Textile Effluent by Water Hyacinth

E. Sanmuga Priya, P. Senthamil Selvan, R. Durgalakshmi, Dhevash S., and Mohammad Navas Khan

13. Biodegradation of Dyes Intermediates and HPLC Method for Their Estimation

Rana Rashad Mahmood Khan, Saira Saeed, and Ahmad Adnan

14. Biodegradation Behavior of Textiles Impregnated with Ag and TiO2 Nanoparticles in Soil

Maja Radetic and Zoran Saponjic

15. Evaluation of the Toxicity of Azo Dyes by Allium cepa and Study to Remove These Compounds in Aqueous Solution by Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Erica Janaina Rodrigues de Almeida, Guilherme Dilarri, and Carlos Renato Corso

16. Ecotoxicological Characterization of Surfactants and Mixtures of Them

Francisco Rios, Alejandro Fernandez-Arteaga, Manuela Lechuga, and Mercedes Fernandez-Serrano

17. Whole Effluent Toxicity Assessment of Industrial Effluents

Takashi Kusui, Yasuyuki Itatsu, and Jin Jun

18. A Review on Biodegradation and Toxicity Methods: Risk Assessment, Standards, and Analyses

Abdullah M. El Mahdi and Hamidi A. Aziz


ISBN-13: 9781493974245
Publisher: Springer (Humana Press Inc.)
Publication date: November, 2017
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