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The Immobilized Patient
Functional Pathology and Management
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Teach us to live that we may dread Unnecessary time in bed Get people up and we may save Our patients from an early grave. A most revealing paraphrase by Asher* of a verse by Bishop Thomas Ken more than adequately summarizes the plight of the immobilized patient, who often lies dormant and de­ pressed for years on end. In this volume, Dr. Steinberg has offered the reader a unique opportunity to share his many years of experience in caring for the immobilized patient. His careful attempt to explore the pathophysiologic effects of immobilization on a number of organ systems, combined with a host of practical aspects with regard to patient care, is unique and refreshing. This text should command the re­ spect of any physician faced with the vicissitudes and frus­ trations of caring for the immobilized. The final chapter de­ tailing "The Psychological Aspects of Immobilization," by Hammer and Kenan, offers the reader considerable insight into the essentials and value of occupational and physical therapy. It should prove most valuable to physicians as well "Asher, R. A. ]. Dangers of going to bed. Br. Med. J. 2:907, 1947. v vi FOREWORD as social workers, paramedical personnel, and the many physical therapists who come into daily contact with the nonambulatory patient. L. V. Avioli St. Louis Preface It may be a paradox that the importance of disability and immobilization has been enhanced by the very progress of medical science.


1 • General Aspects of Immobilization.- 2 • The Effects of Immobilization on Circulation and Respiration.- 3 • The Effects of Immobilization on Bone.- 4 • Immobilization and Skeletal Muscles.- 5 • The Immobilization of Joints.- 6 • The Effects of Immobilization on the Skin.- 7 • The Psychological Aspects of Immobilization (written by Randy L. Hammer and Emily H. Kenan).


ISBN-13: 9781468436556
Publisher: Springer (Springer US)
Publication date: November, 2012
Pages: 156
Weight: 260g
Availability: POD
Subcategories: Diseases and Disorders
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