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The Handbook of Forensic Psychopathology and Treatment
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Main description:

The Handbook of Forensic Psychopathology and Treatment explores the relationship between psychopathology and criminal behaviour in juveniles and adults. It provides a detailed explanation of the developmental pathway from the process of increasing criminal behaviour and becoming a forensic patient, to assessment, treatment and rehabilitation. Incorporating theoretical and scientific research reviews, as well as reviews regarding forensic rehabilitation, the book covers the theory, maintenance and treatment of psychopathology in offenders who have committed a crime. The Handbook of Forensic Psychopathology and Treatment will be of interest to masters and postgraduate students studying the relationship between psychopathology and crime, as well as researchers and clinicians working in forensic psychiatry institutions or departments.


Contributors 6 Introduction: Forensic Psychopathology and Treatment; An Introdcution 9 MAAIKE CIMA I. THEORETICAL INTRODUCTION 29 1. Defining Forensic Psycho(patho)logy 30 ERIC RASSIN 2. Scientific Research in Forensic Samples 48 SCOTT O. LILIENFELD, ASHLEY L. WATTS, BRITTANY A. ROBINSON, and SARAH FRANCIS SMITH II. DEVELOPMENT OF ANTISOIAL BEHAVIOR 92 3. Children at Risk for Serious Conduct Problems 93 PAUL FRICK and ELIZABETH A. SHIRTCLIFF 4. Biological approaches to externalizing disorders and juvenile psychopathic traits 127 MORAN D. COHN, ARNE POPMA, ADRIAN RAINE, and MAAIKE CIMA 5. Juvenile Offenders 170 ANDRIES KOREBRITS 6. Conscience; Moral cognitions, moral emotions, and moral behavior 198 MAAIKE CIMA III. PSYCHOPATHOLOGY AND CRIME 245 7. Deception: Faking good or bad 246 KIM VAN OORSOUW, MARCO JELICIC, and MAAIKE CIMA 8. Aggression 270 FRANCA TONNAER, MAAIKE CIMA and ARNOUD ARNTZ 9. Personality disorder and crime 313 JILL LOBBESTAEL and RENE CRANE 10. Contemporary approaches to psychopathy 348 INTI BRAZIL and MAAIKE CIMA 11. Violent offenders: Neurobiology and Crime 383 ALEXANDRIA K. JOHNSON and ANDREA L. GLENN 12. Safe community reintegration of sex offenders through Circles of Support and Accountability 409 MECHTILD HOING and BAS VOGELVANG 13. Psychotic disorders and violence: what do we know so far 430 MAARTEN PETERS, JOOST A CAMPO, and HENK NIJMAN 14. Aggressive Behavior in Offenders with Intellectual Disabilities: Theories and Treatment 464 MARIJE DE VOS-KEULEN and KARIN FRIJTERS 15. Autism and (Violent) Offending: An Overview of Current Knowledge, Risk Factors, and Treatment 517 LYSANDRA POSDESTRA and ANNA BOSMAN IV. RISK ASSESSMENT AND REHABILITATION 562 16. Risk management in forensic psychiatry: integrating a social network approach 563 LYDIA POMP, STEFAN BOGAERTS, and MARINUS SPREEN 17. Forensic rehabilitation: a phase of transition on a lifelong risk (and health) continuum 587 SANNE VERWAAIJEN and MARION VAN BINSBERGEN


ISBN-13: 9780415657747
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Publication date: June, 2016
Pages: None
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Subcategories: Psychotherapy


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