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The Future of Life and the Future of our Civilization
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“ Our second Symposium The Future of Life and the Future of our Civili- tion” was held in May of 2005 year in Germany (Frankfurt am Main). The first one “The Future of the Universe and the Future of our Civilization” was held in July of 1999 year in Hungary (Budapest and Debrecen). The late professor George Marx from Eotvos University was Chairman of Local Organizing Committee (LOC) in Budapest. In Debrecen professor Denes Berenyi from Institute of Nuclear Research was Chairman of LOC. After Symposium in Hungary a thought was created to hold a new one to discuss the Future of Life. Practically 6 years came after Budapest’s meeting. At first the thought was to hold such Symposium in two stages. The Symposium might be begun in India (Rerikh’s places in Himalaya) and then might be continued in Greece since Greece is a motherland of our Civilization. But India and Greece were rejected owing to financial pr- lems. It is necessary to remember the late French professor Michel Bounias from University of Avignon who took in participation on all stages of organization of these Symposiums. Professors Jiannis Seiradakis also as and Athina Geronikaki of Thessaloniki University helped me very much before transfer of Symposium of Greece in Germany.


Preface; Declaration Protection of Life and our Civilization; Part I Life as a Space Phenomenon. The Spread of Life Throughout the Cosmos, Chandra Wickramasinghe. Our Understanding of the Evolution of the Sun and its Death, Nami Mowlavi. Planetary Cosmogony: Creation of Homeland for Life and Civilization, Alexander V. Bagrov. Impact Phenomena: In the Laboratory, on the Earth, and in the Solar System, Jacek Leliwa-Kopystynski. Part II The Origin of Life. The Structural Regularities of Encoding of the Genetic Information in DNA Chromosomes, Anatolyj Gupal. The Origin of Life on the Earth: As a Natural Bioreactor Might Arise, Mark Nussinov and Veniamin Maron. Volcanoes and Life: Life Arises Everywhere Volcanoes Appear, Oleksandr S. Potashko. Lessons of Life, Christian de Duve. Human Evolution: Retrodictions and Predictions, David R. Begun. Man s Place in Nature: Human and Chimpanzee Behavior are Compared, Toshisada Nishida. Creative Processes in Natural and Artificial Systems (Third Signal System of Man), Abraham Goldberg. Part III Conservation of Life. Human Alteration of Evolutionary Processes, John Cairns, Jr.. The Danger of Ruling Models in a World of Natural Changes and Shifts, Nils-Axel Mörner. Ecological Limits of the Growth of Civilization, Kim S. Losev. The Potential of Conversion of Environmental Threats into Socioeconomic Opportunities by Applying an Ecohydrology Paradigm, Maciej Zalewski. Advances in Space Meteorology Modeling and Predicting – the Key Factor of Life Evolution, Mauro Messerotti. Ocean Circulations and Climate Dynamics, Mojib Latif. How We Are Far from Bifurcation Point of the Global Warming? Oleg Ivaschenko. Mankind Can Strive Against the Global Warming, Michel E. Gertsenstein, Boris N. Shvilkin. Can Advanced Civilization Preserve Biodiversity in Marine Systems? Menachem Goren. Can We Personally Influence the Future with Our Present Resources? Claudius Gros, Kay Hamacher, Wolfgang Meyer. World Energy Development Prospects, AnatolyDmitrievsky. Energy in the Universe and its Availability to Mankind, Josip Kleczek. Deuterium Explosion Power, N.P. Voloshin, A.S. Ganiev, G.A. Ivanov, F.P. Krupin, S.Yu. Kuzminykh, B.V. Litvinov, Leonid Shibarshov, A.I. Svalukhin. Accelerating Changes in our Epoch and the Role of Time-Horizons, Kay Hamacher. Mathematical and Spiritual Models: Scope and Challenges, Jose-Korakutty Kanichukattu. Future of our Civilization: Benefits and Perils of Advanced Science and Technology, Ting-Kueh Soon. Dark Energy and Life s Ultimate Future, Ruediger Vaas. Digital Aspects of Nature and Ultimate Fate of Life, Hoi-Lai Yu. Spirals of Complexity - Dynamics of Change, Don-Edward Beck. Part IV How Can We Improve our Life?. Nutrition, Immunity and Health, Ranjit Chandra. Human Races and Evolutionary Medicine, Bernard Swynghedauw. Bacteria in Human Health and Disease: From Commensalism to Pathogenicity, Helena Tlaskalova-Hogenova. Is there a Solution to the Cancer Problem?, Jarle Breivik. Are Embryonic Stem Cells Research and Human Cloning by our Future?, Lyubov Kurilo. Defeat of Aging - Utopia or Foreseeable Scientific Reality, Aubrey de Grey. Cardiology in XXI Century, Sergei Konorskiy. Cancer Problem in the Eyes of the Skin Multiparameter Electrophysiological Imaging, Yuriy F. Babich. Perspective of Quantum Medicine, Volodymyr K. Magas. There are 6 Million Tons of Brain Matter in the World, Why do We Use it so Unwisely, Boris N. Zakhariev. Conservation of Biological Diversity, John Skinner. Dialogue among Civilizations as a New Approach for International Relations, Mohammad R. Hafeznia. New Proposals to Conserve Life and Civilization, Vladimir Burdyuzha, Oleg Dobrovol skiy, Dmitriy Igumnov. Part V What is our Future. Eco-Ethics Must be the Main Science of the Future, Brian Marcotte. The Vital Tripod: Science, Religion and Humanism for Sustainable Civilization, Bidare V. Subbarayappa. HIV/AIDS and the Future of the Poor, Illiterate and Marginalized Populations, Rajan Gupta. Ocean S


ISBN-13: 9789048172405
Publisher: Springer (Springer Netherlands)
Publication date: October, 2010
Pages: 516
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Subcategories: General Issues, General Practice
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