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The Commodity of Care
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Main description:

Carol Dimon analyses why poor nursing care is still occurring within care homes and hospitals in the UK, the USA, and Australia, despite numerous recommendations over at least 30 years. It became evident through the course of research that provision of care depended on the dominant political ethos, sometimes termed free market ideology or neoliberalism - terms describing an economic theory which claims the market should be the sole determinant of people's lifestyle choices, and that the market should be free from government interference, since it is self-regulating.
This book will document the pervasive influence of some neoliberal reforms of healthcare. The emphasis will be on what negates good nursing care delivered with a compassionate attitude. Any reform, from whatever political perspective, that promotes good, compassionate care should be supported by all nurses, who should equally oppose measures that lead to poor and indifferent care.


Chapter 1: Historical perspective - the historical effect of the Protestant Work Ethic on nursing. Chapter 2: Research and campaigns - the ineffectiveness of nursing research and initiatives. Chapter 3: Care homes within the UK, USA, and Australia - poor care and the impact of privatisation. Chapter 4: Hospitals - poor care and the impact of privatisation. Chapter 5: Attitudes to care - the effect of the focus on individualism. Chapter 6: Intellectualisation of care - the end degree level nursing? Chapter 7: Poor care and the Care Quality Commission - ineffectiveness as a regulator. Chapter 8: Care in the balance - a UNISON survey of staff/patient ratios. Chapter 9: The issue of remuneration - nursing pay and morale. Chapter 10: Truth about welfare spending - facts and figures. Chapter 11: Regulation of healthcare assistants - government opposition. Chapter 12: Whistleblowing - repercussions of reporting poor care. Chapter 13: Ombudsman - types and effectiveness. Chapter 14: Failure of the Nursing and Midwifery Council - areas of failure. Chapter 15: Human rights and discrimination - the ineffectiveness of legislation. Chapter 16: Dilemmas of care - covert nursing practice. Chapter 17: The exploitation of overseas nurses. Chapter 18: Conclusion and further recommendations.


ISBN-13: 9781909465114
Publisher: The Cloister House Press
Publication date: August, 2013
Pages: 126
Dimensions: 140.00 x 216.00 x 7.00
Weight: 156g
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Subcategories: Nursing


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