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The Adult ADHD Treatment Handbook

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Main description:

The Adult ADHD Treatment Handbook provides professional guidance, session plans and client resources for all those offering treatment to adults with ADHD.

Adults with ADHD can exhibit increased poor concentration, hyperactivity and impulsivity. Developed to equip services with an efficient approach to meeting the needs of all adults with ADHD, this handbook offers the following benefits:

Tried and tested sessions developed by psychologists and therapists.

A simple eight-session programme which covers the key ADHD problem areas

Additional bolt-on sessions help you tailor your programme to your clients;

Varied, succinct and accessible resources.

The Adult ADHD Treatment Handbook provides everything clinical psychologists, counsellors and therapists will need to deliver effective treatment, and is also useful for any clinician wanting to provide information for their clients.



How to use these resources


Session 1: Understanding ADHD and how it affects you

Session 2: Anxiety and Problem Solving

Session 3: Medication and Sleep

Session 4: Depression and Self-Worth

Session 5: Attention, Concentration and Memory

Session 6: Impulsivity, Anger and ADHD Mood swings

Session 7: Organisation, Timekeeping and Money Management

Session 8: Relationships

Additional session 1: Couples session

Additional session 2: Parenting

Additional session 3: Organising a follow up support group

Additional handouts

Being a woman with ADHD

ADHD at work

Being a student with ADHD

Questions about ADHD medication

Useful Resources

Appendices -

Appendix 1: DSM 5 criteria for ADHD

Appendix 2: Goal Setting Sheet

Appendix 3: Timeline

My Core Beliefs

Appendix 4: Thought Record

Appendix 5: Sleep Diary

Appendix 6: Vignettes for session 4; Depression and Self-Worth

Appendix 7: Vignettes for session 5; Attention, Concentration and Memory

Appendix 8: My Better Organisational plan

Appendix 9: Vignette for session 7; Timekeeping

Activity Schedule

Money Management exercise

Appendix 10: ABC Chart

Appendix 11: Our ADHD Situation

Appendix 12: Our Challenging Situation

Appendix 13: ADHD group Satisfaction Questionnaire


ISBN-13: 9781911186090
Publisher: Speechmark Publishing Ltd
Publication date: February, 2018
Pages: 150
Weight: 680g
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Subcategories: Psychology


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