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Textbook of Endourology
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Endourology is a dynamic subspecialty involving closed, controlled manipulation within the genitourinary tract. In the past decade the creative efforts of many urologists, radiologists, and engineers have vastly expanded endoscopic technique, to the great benefit of patients with stones, obstruction, cancer, diverticula, cysts, adrenal disease, varices, and diseases of the bladder. This definitive text addresses every aspect of endourologic procedure including methods of access, operative techniques, complications, and postoperative care. The reader is taken, step-by-step, through cutaneous surgery, ureteroscopy, extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy, laparoscopy, and lower urinary tract procedures. The principles and function of state-of-the-art endourologic instruments are outlined for each procedure. The authorship reads like a Who's Who in endodurology. The breadth and depth of their experience is evident throughout the text.


Part I Basic Principles Editor: Glenn M. Preminger, M.D. Chapter 1 Optics of Flexible and Rigid Endoscopes: Physical Principles Richard K. Babayan, M.D. Chapter 2 Care and Sterilization of Instruments Donna W. Parsons, R.N., Nina L. Lee, R.N., and Glenn M. Preminger, M.D. Chapter 3 How to Protect Yourself and Others From Radiation Wilfrido R. Castaneda, M.D., and Gregory David Espenan, M.S. Chapter 4 Video Imaging and Documentation Glenn M. Preminger, M.D. Chapter 5 Intracorporeal Lithotriptors John D. Denstedt, M.D., F.R.C.S.(C) Chapter 6 Lasers Graham Watson, M.D., F.R.C.S. (Urol) and Joel Teichman, M.D. Chapter 7 Monopolar and Bipolar Electrosurgery and Associated Problems Robert D. Tucker, M.D. Chapter 8 Sedoanalgesia: An Adjunct to Modern Endourology Ronald A. Miller, M.S., F.R.C.S., F.R.G.S. Chapter 9 Informed Consent and Related Legal Issues in Laparoscopic Surgery Robert R. Isacksen, M.D., Jorge C. Albala, J.D., M.I.M., James F. Donovan, Jr., M.D., and David M. Albala, M.D. Chapter 10 Patient Instruction and Nursing Care Nancy Brettschneider, B.S.N., C.U.R.N., and Rose Ravalli, M.S.N., C.U.R.N. Chapter 11 Equipment, Instrumentation and Operating Room Setup: Role of the Urology Nursing Team Carol J. Olsen, R.N., B.S.N. Part II Percutaneous Surgery Editor: Joseph W. Segura, M.D. Chapter 12 Surgical Anatomy of the Kidney Francisco J.B. Sampaio, M.D., Ph.D. CHAPTER 13 ASSESSMENT OF FUNCTION IN KIDNEY OBSTRUCTION JOHN LIESKE, M.D. AND LOURDES S. PENA-DE LA VEGA, M.D. Chapter 14 Percutaneous Access, Dilation, and Maintenance of the Nephrostomy Tract Andrew J. LeRoy, M.D. Chapter 15 Retrograde Access Denis H. Hosking, M.D. Chapter 16 Nephroscopy Mr. David Tolley and Mr. C. F. Ng Chapter 17 Stone Extraction Stevan B. Streem, M.D. Chapter 18 Treatment of Ureteral Stones Christopher Kane, M.D. Chapter 19 Chemolysis of Urinary Calculi Arthur D. Smith, M.D. Chapter 20 Complications of Stone Removal Dean Assimos, M.D. Chapter 21 Treatment of Ureteropelvic Junction Obstruction Joseph W. Segura, M.D. Chapter 22 Treatment of Caliceal Diverticula and Infundibular Stenosis Raymond J. Leveille, M.D. and Vincent Bird, M.D. Chapter 23 Treatment of Renal Cysts Matthew T. Gettman, M.D. PART III URETEROSCOPY Editor: Demetrius H. Bagley, M.D. Chapter 24 Instruments Ureteroscopic Anup Patel, M.D. Working Instruments John Honey, M.D. Chapter 25 Ureteral Anatomy Omar M. Abdel-Razzak, M.B. B.Ch., M.Sc., M.D. Chapter 26 Indications for Ureteroscopic Procedures Hiromi Kumon, M.D., Ph.D. Chapter 27 Access to the Difficult Ureter David E. Patterson, M.D. Chapter 28 Techniques in Rigid Ureteroscopy Damien M. Bolton, M.D. Chapter 29 Techniques in Flexible Ureteroscopy Michael Fabrizio, M.D. Chapter 30 Treatment of Ureteral Calculi Jorge Guittierez, M.D. Chapter 31 Treatment of Renal Calculi Michael Grasso III, M.D. Chapter 32 Diagnostic Ureteroscopy Frank Keeley, M.D. Chapter 33 Diagnosis and Treatment of Upper Urinary Tract Neoplasms Demetrius H. Bagley, M.D. Chapter 34 Ureteral Surgery Retrograde Endopyelotomy (for Ureteropelvic Junction Obstruction) Raju Thomas, M.D. Incisional Treatment of Ureteral Strictures Michael J. Conlin, M.D. Chapter 35 Postoperative Care Ramsay Kuo, MD Chapter 36 Complications Filberto Zattoni, M.D. Chapter 37 Pediatric Ureteroscopy Michael Erhard, M.D. PART IV EXTRACORPOREAL SHOCK WAVE LITHOTRIPSY Editor: James E. Lingeman, M.D. Chapter 38 The Physics of Shock Wave Physics Lithotripsy Robin Cleveland and James McAteer Chapter 39 Shock Wave Lithotripsy Devices and Techniques James E. Lingeman, M.D. and Samuel C. Kim, M.D. Chapter 40 Treatment of Renal and Ureteral Calculi Ryan F. Paterson, M.D., Samuel C. Kim, and James Williams, .D. Chapter 41 Complications Andrew Evan, M.D. and Lynn Willis, M.D. PART V. BASIC AND PROCEDURAL LAPAROSCOPY Editors: Ralph V. Clayman, M.D., Louis R. Kavoussi, M.D. BASIC LAPAROSCOPY Chapter 42 Patient Preparation and Operating Room Setup Marshall L. Stoller, M.D. Chapter 43 Instrumentation Jay Bishoff Chapter 44 Anesthetic Considerations Matt Dunn and Terri G. Monk, M.D Chapter 45 Physiologic Effects of Pneumoperitoneum Margaret S. Pearle, M.D., Ph.D. and Jeff Cadeddu Chapter 46 Obtaining Access: Pneumoperitoneum: Closed vs. Open Techniques Sakti Das, M.D., Scott Troxel, M.D. Chapter 47 Pneumoretroperitoneum Jihad Kaouk Chapter 48 Hand-Assisted Techniques Stuart Wolf Chapter 49 Secondary Trocar Placement Robert G. Moore, M.D Chapter 50 Reconstructive Techniques: Suture, Staple, and Clip Technology Michael E. Moran, M.D. Chapter 51 Exiting the Abdomen Jaime Landman Chapter 52 Postoperative Care Kevin R. Anderson, M.D. Chapter 53 Prevention and Management of Complications Benjamin R. Lee and Tom Jarrett Chapter 54 Robotics: Coming of Age Peter Schulam and Dan Stiovanovici Procedural Laparoscopy Chapter 55 Pelvic Lymphadenectomy: Intraperitoneal and Extraperitoneal Access Chandru Sundaram Chapter 56 Varix Ligation James E. Donovan, Jr., M.D. Chapter 57 Renal Surgery: Benign Disease, Cyst Ablation, and Calycealectomy Stephen Y. Nakada, M.D. Chapter 58 Donor Nephrectomy Peter Pinto and Arieh Shalhav Chapter 59 Renal Surgery: Malignant Disease Ralph V. Clayman and David Lee Chapter 60 Adrenalectomy David Albala Chapter 61 Ureteral Surgery Louis R. Kavoussi, M.D Chapter 62 Pelvic Laparoscopy for Pelvic Prolapse Li Ming Su and Jamie Wright Chapter 63 Cystectomy and Diversion Ingolf Tuerk Chapter 64 Herniorrhaphy Howard Winfield and Nathaniel J. Soper, M.D. Chapter 65 Retroperitoneal Lymph Node Dissection Jim Porter and David Chan Chapter 66 Radical Prostatectomy Inderbir Gill Part VI Lower Urinary Tract Procedures (UPdated 10/03/02) Editor: Gopal H. Badlani, M.D. BASICS Chapter 67 Ultrasound Anatomy of the Prostate and Seminal Vesicles Keith W. Kaye, M.D. Chapter 68 Clinical Application of Transrectal Ultrasound in Diagnosis and Treatment Mahesh Desai Chapter 69 Physiology and Assessment of Outflow Obstruction: A Urodynamic and Fluoroscopic Perspective Jerry G. Blaivas, M.D. Bladder Outlet Obstruction Secondary to BPH Chapter 70 Laser Therapy of the Prostate: Overview and Lessons Learned Perinchery Narayan, M.D. Interstitial Laser Therapy Rolf Muschter, M.D. Holmium Laser Resection Peter Gilling, M.D. Chapter 71 Transurethral Electrosurgery of the Prostate Electrosurgery of the Prostate: Improvements in TURP: Treatments and Outcomes. Alex Te, M.D. Electrosurgery of the Prostate: Improvements in ESU, TVUP, Bipolar resection Anup Patel, M.D. Rotoresect Kai Uwe Kohrmann, M.D. Transurethral Incision of the Prostate Revisited Atul Thakre, MD and Robert Moldwin, MD Chapter 72 Thermotherapy of the Prostate: Principles and Experimental Data Overview Jean de la Rosette, M.D. Transurethral Microthermal Therapy (TUMT) Michael L. Blute, M.D. and Dr. Miners (Dr. Badlani asked Dr. Blute to cover Thermatrix) Prostalund Lennart Wagrell, M.D. Chapter 73 Prostate Stents Gopal H. Badlani, M.D. Chapter 74 TUNA Ralph Benson, M.D. PROSTATE CANCER Chapter 75 Seed Implantation Jed Pollack, M.D Chapter 76 Cryoblation Aaron Katz DISEASES OF THE BLADDER AND URETHRA Chapter 77 Transvesical Access Gary C. Bellman, M.D. Chapter 78 Urethral Stents Samuel Amekule, M.D. and Gopal H. Badlani, M.D. MIT OF URINARY INCONTINENCE Chapter 79 Bioinjectables Rodney Appell, M.D. Chapter 80 Male Slings Richard Cespedes, M.D. DISEASES OF THE SEMINAL VESICLES Chapter 81 Transrectal Ultrasound in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Ejaculatory Dysfunction Sarah Garardi, M.D. Chapter 82 Diagnosis and Treatment of Disorders of the Ejaculatory Ducts and Seminal Vesicles Richard Schoor, M.D. Part VII Pediatric Procedures Editor: Gerald H. Jordan, M.D. and Dr. Steven Docimo, M.D. Chapter 83 Endoscopic Instrumentation Steven J. Skoog, M.D. Chapter 84 Endoscopic Approach to Anterior and Posterior Urethral Valves Stephen A. Zderic, M.D. Chapter 85 Endoscopic Treatment of Strictures Dragana Filipas, M.D., and Margit Fisch, M.D. Chapter 86 Endoscopic Approaches to the Treatment of Incontinence John Park, M.D. Chapter 87 Endoscopic Approaches to the Treatment of Vesicoureteral Reflux Douglas A. Canning, M.D. Chapter 88 Endoscopic Treatment of Ureteroceles Dr. Copeland, M.D. and Howard M. Snyder III, M.D. Chapter 89 Management of UPJ Obstruction: Laparoscopic Pyeloplasty in Children Dr. Docimo Chapter 90 Ureteroscopy/Nephroscopy and Percutaneous Stone Procedures Brad Kropp, M.D. and Matthew Rutter, M.D. Chapter 91 Lithotripsy Ezekiel Landau, M.D. Chapter 92 Antental Surgical Intervention for Urinary Obstruction Laurence Baskin, M.D. Chapter 93 Transvesical Surgery Patrick Cartwright, M.D. and Jason Lai, M.D. Chapter 94 Laparoscopic Diagnosis and Treatment of the Impalpable Undescended Gonad Linda Baker, M.D. and Gerald Jordan, M.D. Chapter 95 Laparoscopic Renal Surgery Alaa El Ghoneimi, M.D. Chapter 96 Laparoscopic Bladder Reconstruction Steve Docimo, M.D. Part VIII State of the Art EndoscoPic Technology Editor: Arthur D. Smith, M.D. and Benjamin R. Lee, M.D. Chapter 97 Outcome Analysis Treatment Options for Stones Paramjit Chandhoke, M.D. Chapter 98 Endourologic Surgery During Pregnancy Hassan Razvi, M.D. Chapter 99 Ureteropelvic Junction Obstruction: Endopyelotomy, Laparoscopic Pyeloplasty and Endopyeloplasty Paulos Yohannes, M.D. Chapter 100 Ureteroenteric Anastomotic Strictures Mantu Gupta, M.D. and Arthur D. Smith, M.D. Chapter 101 Management of Upper Urinary Tract Transitional Cell Carcinoma Robert Marcovich, M.D. Chapter 102 Endourology in the Obese Patient Evangelos Liatsikos, M.D. Chapter 103 Endooncology: Cyrosurgery, Radiofrequency Ablation, HIFU, and Microwave Therapy Jay Bishoff, M.D. Chapter 104 Management of the Retained Stent Brian VanderBrink, MD, Michael Ost, MD PART IX ROBOTICS Editor: Benjamin Lee, MD Chapter 105 Robotic Setup, Instrumentation, and Trouble Shooting Ravi Munver, MD Chapter 106 Management of Prostate Cancer: Perineal, Radical Retropubic, Laparoscopic and Robotic Approaches Mani Menon, MD Chapter 107 Nerve-Sparing Robotic Prostatectomy Thomas Ahlering, MD Chapter 108 Robotic Ureteral Reimplantation Craig Peters, MD Chapter 109 Robotic Pyeloplasty Raju Thomas, MD Chapter 110 Robotic Sacrocolpopexy Raymond Rackley, MD Chapter 111 Robotic Radical Cystectomy Eric Castle, MD Chapter 112 Robotic Mitrafanoff Lane Palmer, MD


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Publication date: January, 2007
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