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Teaching Health Professionals Online
Frameworks and Strategies

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Main description:

Teaching Health Professionals Online: Frameworks andStrategies is a must-read for professionals in the health carefield who strive to deliver excellence in their online classes.Intended for a wide range of professionals, including nurses, socialworkers, occupational and radiation therapists, chiropractors,dietitians, and dental hygienists, this compendium of teachingstrategies will inspire both new and experienced instructors in thehealth professions. In addition to outlining creative, challengingactivities with step-by-step directions and explanations of why theywork, each chapter in the text situates practice within the context ofcontemporary educational theories such as instructional immediacy,invitational theory, constructivism, connectivism, transformativelearning, and quantum learning theory. Melrose, Park, and Perry alsoaddress other issues familiar to those who have taught online courses.How can a distance instructor build teacher-student relationships? Howdoes one transform the assumptions often held by students in the healthfields from the confines of the virtual classroom? Most importantly,how can the instructor support his or her students in their futurepursuits of knowledge and their development as competent professionals?By considering these and other concerns, this handbook aims to helpinstructors increase student success and satisfaction, which, theauthors hope, will ultimately produce the best possible patient care.


ISBN-13: 9781927356654
Publisher: AU Press
Publication date: January, 2014
Pages: 135
Weight: 250g
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Subcategories: General Practice, Medical Study and Teaching Aids


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