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Sustainability, Midwifery and Birth
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Main description:

This book promotes a sustainable approach to midwifery practice, philosophy, business administration and resource management. Drawing on an interdisciplinary body of knowledge, it explores the challenges and invites readers to critically reflect on the issues and consider how they could move to effect changes within their own working environment.


Part 1 The politics of midwifery and sustainability, 1. Globalisation, midwifery and maternity services: struggles in meaning and practice in states under pressure, Jo Murphy Lawless, 2. Sustaining Midwifery in an Ever Changing World, Ina May Gaskin, 3. Costing Birth as Commodity or Sustainable Public Good, Sally Tracy, 4. "Choice" and Justice: Motherhood in a Global Context, Zoe Meleo-Erwin & Barbara Katz-Rothman, Part 2 Midwifery as a Sustainable Healthcare Practice, 5. Relationships - the glue that holds it all together': midwifery continuity of care and sustainability, Nicky Leap, 6. Promoting a sustainable midwifery workforce: working towards 'ecologies of practice', Ruth Deery, 7. Sustained by joy: the potential of flow experience for midwives and mothers, Mavis Kirkham, 8. The Birthing Environment -- a sustainable approach, Carolyn Hastie, 9. Sustainable Midwifery Education, Sally Pairman, 10. Mentoring new graduates: Towards supporting a sustainable profession, Mary Kensington , 11. Good Housekeeping in Midwifery Practice, Ruth Martis, Part 3 Supporting an Ecological Approach to Parenting, 12. Parents as Consumers, Lorna Davies, 13. Breastfeeding and sustainability: Loss, cost, 'choice', damage, disaster, adaptation and evolutionary logic, Carol Bartle, 14. The Pregnant Environment, Megan Gibbons and Jean Patterson, 15. An Ecology of Antenatal Education, Mary Nolan, 16. Co-sleeping: A Sustainable Healthcare Practice, Sally Baddock, 17. How can birth activism contribute to sustaining change for better birthing for women, families and societies in the new millennium? Rea Daellenbach & Nadine Edwards Epilogue: Planet and Placenta


ISBN-13: 9780415563338
Publisher: Taylor & Francis (Routledge)
Publication date: October, 2010
Pages: 264
Weight: 540g
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Subcategories: Midwifery


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