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Alleviating Suffering and Understanding Classic and Innovative Therapeutic Approaches

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Main description:

Stories can comfort us as we realise our predicament is shared; let us better see our struggles and conflicts when projected onto characters; suggest new opportunities for helping others and breaking though our own impasses. These stories have been frequently shared and gradually embellished by the authors for use in alleviating people's suffering.Each addresses a relevant theme, presenting both client and therapist perspectives and, afterwards: analyses the client's difficulties using classical theory, pioneering theory, research findings; explains the rationale, theoretical and empirical basis of the story's featured intervention. They engage with difficulties faced by people throughout their lives including: school phobia, parental death, spiritual re-evaluation, life threatening illness, the losses of old age. They portray traditional and innovative ways of conceptualising human problems, and share dilemmas about how to choose and apply the most appropriate therapeutic techniques.Those who offer therapy can experience the complex interplay between theory and practice, and often-faced professional and personal dilemmas.
Those who help people to seek therapy will gain fuller understanding of various therapeutic processes and principles, so that they can: help people they work with to make good choices and prepare; cooperate with the therapist; provide better support afterwards.


Who this book is for. How it will help. The layout of the chapters. This book at a glance: a simple guide to the issues, theories and interventions covered. Preface. The young man in a room. The man who went bankrupt. I forfeit my life for Mommy. Heavenly Father I am sinking. The goal keeper from second grade. The bullet that transformed our life. You make me throw up. Pay back time. One breath at a time. The young man who left his room. Name index: an index to referenced therapists and counsellors. Subject index: a detailed key to the issues, theories and interventions described in the stories.


ISBN-13: 9781905541195
Publisher: Russell House Publishing Ltd
Publication date: January, 2008
Pages: 175
Weight: 615g
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Subcategories: Psychotherapy


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