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Social Policy for Social Work, Social Care and the Caring Professions
Scottish Perspectives
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Since devolution in 1999, social policy within Scotland has burgeoned. The Scottish Parliament has a range of powers in relation to key policy areas including social work, education, health, child care, child protection, law and home affairs, and housing. These powers and the existence of a distinct legal tradition in Scotland means that social work practice has developed a distinctive style, attuned to the particular needs of Scotland. Scottish distinctiveness however, has rarely been properly represented in textbooks on either social policy or social work. This innovative text offers comprehensive coverage of the discipline of social policy and its central relevance to social work, social care and related practice in Scotland. Designed to complement teaching and study associated with the new Honours degree in Social Work (Scottish Executive 2003), it fills a notable gap in the literature on this subject and will be essential reading for students, professionals and academics within a variety of health and social care occupations.


Contents: Foreword; Introduction; Part I Context: What is social policy?, Steve J. Hothersall; A history of social policy, Steve J. Hothersall; Ideology: how ideas influence policy and welfare, Steve J. Hothersall; People, policy and practice, Steve J. Hothersall. Part II Themes and Issues: Poverty and social exclusion, Janine Bolger and Pedro Morago; Risk, support and protection, Mike Maas-Lowit; Changing patterns of care, Steve J. Hothersall, Clare Swan and Iain D. Turnbull; Welfare rights, Janine Bolger; Social policy perspectives on empowerment, Rob Mackay. Part III Policy for Practice: Health and health inequalities, Pedro Morago; Mental health, Jackie Loxton, Mike Maas-Lowit and Rob Mackay; Older people, Rory Lynch; Disability: a question of perception, Jeremy Millar; Children and their families, Steve J. Hothersall and Patrick Walker; Education and training in Scotland, Janine Bolger; Substance use and social policy in Scotland: the struggle to make sense of things, George Allan; Social policy in the criminal justice system, Anne Shirran; Asylum and immigration, Clare Swan; Housing and homelessness, Pedro Morago; Conclusions: onwards and upwards?, Steve J. Hothersall and Janine Bolger; Index.


ISBN-13: 9780754676355
Publisher: Ashgate Publishing Limited
Publication date: October, 2010
Pages: 472
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Subcategories: Public Health
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