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Safety Evaluation of Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices
International Regulatory Guidelines
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Main description:

The inspiration for this text was the 1988 volume by Alder and Zbinden, written before the ICH harmonization process for drug safety evaluation (or its ISO analog for device biocompatibility evaluation) had been initiated or come to force. Since then, much has changed in both the world and practice of medicine and the regulation of drugs. The intent of this volume is to provide similar guidance as to what nonclinical safety assessment tests need to be performed to move a drug into man, through development and to market approved (this intent was subsequently extended to cover the closely related medical device biotechnology, and combination product fields) in a concise, abbreviated manner for all the major world market countries.


Nonclinical safety assessment tests
Large molecules biotechnology products
National differences

Back cover:

Safety Evaluation of Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices has been written to provide complete, ready and clear guidance as to what nonclinical safety assessment tests need to be performed to move a regulated therapeutic medical product into and through the development process and to marketing approval. This intent is purposely extended to cover the closely related product types of vaccines, biotechnology products, gene therapy, cell therapy, and combination products into a single, concise guide for the process in all the major world market countries.

The approach of this volume is to first address the broadest scope “general case” for the regulatory nonclinical safety evaluation by ICH and ISO adhering countries, then to branch out to cover the differences in requirements associated with specific therapeutic areas (such as oncology), major routes of administration (with oral being the general case, other routes starting with parentheral, dermal and inhalation are addressed). Large molecules biotechnology products are then considered, followed by special courses of product marketing approval, and finally the remaining national differences.


1. Introduction to Safety Assessment in Drug and Medical Device Development
2. Drugs: The General Case
3. Ind Enabling Toxicology Programs
4. Nonclinical Safety Evaluation Studies Conducted To Support Continued Clinical Development
5. Supporting Marketing Applications
6. Special Therapeutic Category And Route Of Administration Cases
7. Device Safety Evaluation
Appendix A


ISBN-13: 9781441974488
Publisher: Springer (Springer US)
Publication date: October, 2010
Pages: 140
Weight: 377g
Availability: POD
Subcategories: Pharmacology


Shayne C. Gad, B.S. (Whittier College, Chemistry and Biology, 1970) and Ph.D. in Pharmacology/Toxicology (Texas, 1977) DABT, ATS, is the principal of Gad Consulting Services, a seventeen year old consulting firm with six employees and more than 450 clients (including 120 pharmaceutical companies in the US and 50 overseas). Prior to this, he served in director-level and above positions at Searle, Synergen and Becton Dickinson. He has published 39 books and more than 350 chapters, articles and abstracts in the fields of toxicology, statistics, pharmacology, drug development and safety assessment. He has more than 33 years of broad based experience in toxicology, drug and device development, statistics and risk assessment. He has specific expertise in neurotoxicology, in vitro methods, cardiovascular toxicology, inhalation toxicology, immunotoxicology, and genotoxicology. Past President of the American College of Toxicology, the Roundtable of Toxicology Consultants and three of SOT’s specialty sections, and recipient of the American College of Toxicology Lifetime Contribution Award. He has direct involvement in the preparation of INDs (90 successfully to date), NDA, PLA, ANDA, 510(k), IDE, CTD, clinical data bases for phase 1 and 2 studies, and PMAs. He has consulted for FDA, EPA and NIH, and has trained reviewers and been an expert witness for FDA. He has also conducted the triennial toxicology salary survey as a service to the profession for the last 19 years.

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