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Volume 1 Genomics, Life Style and Molecular Architecture
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Main description:

Pseudomonas comprises three volumes covering the biology of pseudomonads in a wide context, including the niches they inhabit, the taxonomic relations among members of this group, the molecular biology of gene expression in different niches and under different environmental conditions, the analysis of virulence traits in plants, animals and human pathogens as well as the determinants that make some strains useful for biotechnological applications and promotion of plant growth.
There has been growing interest in pseudomonads and a particular urge to understand the biology underlying the complex metabolism of these ubiquitous microbes. These bacteria are capable of colonizing a wide range of niches, including the soil, the plant rhizosphere and phylosphere, and animal tissues; more recently they have attracted attention because of their capacity to form biofilms, a characteristic with potentially important medical and environmental implications.
The three volumes cover the following topics:

- Taxonomy,

- Genomics,

- Life styles,

- Cell Architecture,

- Virulence,

- Regulation,

- Macromolecules,

- Alternative Respiratory Substrates,

- Catabolism and Biotransformations.

Pseudomonas will be of use to all researchers working on these bacteria, particularly those studying microbiology, plant crops, pathogenesis, and chemical engineering. Advanced students in biology, medicine and agronomy will also find these three volumes a valuable reference during their studies.


Volume I:- Taxonomy. 1. Taxonomy of Pseudomonads; N. Palleroni, E. Moore. Genomics. 2. The genome of Pseudomonas aeruginosa; B.R. Kulasekara, S. Lory. 3. Genomic Features of Pseudomonas putida Strain KT2440; V.A.P. Martins dos Santos, K.N. Timmis, B. Tümmler, C. Weinel. 4. The Genome of Pseudomonas syringae Tomato DC3000 and Functional Genomic Studies to better Understand Plant Pathogenesis; Y. Jamir, X. Tang, J.R. Alfano. 5. Comparative Genomics of Four Pseudomonas Species; L. Juhl Jensen, M. Skovgaard, T. Sicheritz-Pontén, N. Tue Hansen, H. Johansson, M. Kjær Jørgensen, K. Kiil, P.F. Hallin, D. Ussery. 6. Genomics of catabolic plasmids; P.A. Williams, R.M. Jones, G. Zylstra. 7. Plasmids of the Genus Pseudomonas; C.M. Thomas, A.S. Haines. 8. Phages of Pseudomonas; T. Hayashi, K. Nakayama. 9. Transposition and other mutational processes in Pseudomonas; M. Kiivisaar. 10. Molecular Tools for Genetic Analysis of Pseudomonads; H.P. Schweizer, V. de Lorenzo. 11. In Vivo Gene Expression: The IVET System; M. Espinosa-Urgel, M.I. Ramos-González. Life Styles. 12. Pseudomonas in the Soil Environment; J. Sørensen, O. Nybroe. 13. Life in the rhizosphere; B.J.J. Lugtenberg, G.V. Bloemberg. 14. Life in the Phyllosphere; M.J. Bailey. 15. Life as a Biocontrol Pseudomonad; Y. Moënne-Loccoz, G. Défago. 16. The Pathogenic Lifestyle of Pseudomonas aeruginosa in Model Systems ofVirulence; D.A. D'Argenio. 17. Pseudomonas aeruginosa Interactions with Host Cells; G.B. Pier, J.B. Goldberg. 18. The Biofilm Lifestyle of Pseudomonads; T. Tolker-Nielsen, S. Molin. Cell Architecture. 19. The Outer Membranes of Pseudomonads; S. Tamber, R.E.W. Hancock. 20. The Tol/OprL system of Pseudomonas; J.J. Rodríguez-Herva, M.A. Llamas. 21. Efflux pumps; K. Poole. 22. The Flagellar System of Pseudomonas aeruginosa; N. Dasgupta, S.K. Arora, R. Ramphal. 23. Mechanisms of Adhesion by Pseudomonads; S.M. Hinsa, G.A. O'Toole. 24. Fimbrial Genes in Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Pseudomonas putida; A. Filloux, S. de Bentzmann, M. Aurouze, A. Lazdunski, I. Vallet. 25. Protein Secretion Mechanisms in Pseudomonas; A. Filloux, S. Bleves, P. van Ulsen, J. Tommassen. 26. Chemotaxis in Pseudomonads; R.E. Parales, A. Ferrández, C.S. Harwood.
Volume II:-
Virulence. 1. Virulence factors in Pseudomonas aeruginosa; C. Van Delden. 2. ATP-Utilizing Enzymes, Purinergic Receptor Modulation, Cupredoxins and Mammalian Cell Death; T. Yamada, A. Chakrabarty. 3. Iron Regulation and Siderophore Signalling in Virulence by Pseudomonas aeruginosa; P. Visca. 4. New Insights into the Biosynthesis, Mode of Action, and Regulation of Syringomycin, Syringopeptin, and Coronatine; C. Bender, B.K. Scholz-Schroeder. 5. Current Ideas on the Genetics and Regulation of the Synthesis of Phaseolotoxin in Pseudomonas syringae pv.


ISBN-13: 9781461347880
Publisher: Springer (Springer US)
Publication date: November, 2012
Pages: 835
Weight: 1340g
Availability: POD
Subcategories: Biochemistry, Microbiology


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