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Proceedings of the International Conference on ISMAC in Computational Vision and Bio-Engineering 2018 (ISMAC-CVB)
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Main description:

These are the proceedings of the International Conference on ISMAC-CVB, held in Palladam, India, in May 2018. The book focuses on research to design new analysis paradigms and computational solutions for quantification of information provided by object recognition, scene understanding of computer vision and different algorithms like convolutional neural networks to allow computers to recognize and detect objects in images with unprecedented accuracy and to even understand the relationships between them.

The proceedings treat the convergence of ISMAC in Computational Vision and Bioengineering technology and includes ideas and techniques like 3D sensing, human visual perception, scene understanding, human motion detection and analysis, visualization and graphical data presentation and a very wide range of sensor modalities in terms of surveillance, wearable applications, home automation etc.

ISMAC-CVB is a forum for leading academic scientists, researchers and research scholars to exchange and share their experiences and research results about all aspects of computational vision and bioengineering.


Chapter 1. Digital Image Watermarking using Sine Transformation Technique.- Chapter 2. A Review on Protein Structure Classification.- Chapter 3. Motion Detection Algorithm for Surveillance Videos.- Chapter 4. 6D Pose Estimation of 3D Objects in Scenes with Mutual Similarities and Occlusions .- Chapter 5. A Simple and Enhanced Low-Light Image Enhancement Process Using Effective Illumination Mapping Approach.- Chapter 6. Comparison of Particle Swarm Optimization and Weighted Artificial Bee Colony Techniques in Classification of Dementia Using MRI Images.- Chapter 7. Automatic Segmentation of Malaria Affected Erythrocyte in Thin Blood Films.- Chapter 8. Enhanced Portable Customer Experience Using Community Computation in Offline Retail.- Chapter 9. Detection and Recognition Of Vehicle Using Principal Component Analysis.- Chapter 10. Convolution Neural Networks: A Case Study on Brain Tumor Segmentation in Medical Care.- Chapter 11. Vision based algorithm for fire detection in smart buildings.- Chapter 12. Comparative performance analysis of local feature descriptors for biomedical image retrieval.- Chapter 13. Emotion Analysis Through EEG & Peripheral Physiological Signals Using KNN Classifier.- Chapter 14. Detection Of Liver Tumor Using Gradient Vector Flow Algorithm.- Chapter 15. Hyperspectral Image Classification using Semisupervised Random Forest.- Chapter 16. Clustering of various parameters to catalog human bone disorders through soft computing simulation.- Chapter 17. IoT Based Embedded Smart Lock Control using Face Recognition System.- Chapter 18. MediCloud: Cloud-based solution to patient's medical records.- Chapter 19. A Trio Approach Satisfying CIA Triad for Medical Image Security.- Chapter 20. A Novel Hybrid Method for Time Series Forecasting Using Soft Computing Approach.- Chapter 21. Medical Image Classification Using MRI: An Investigation.- Chapter 22. Tumor Detection and Analysis using Improved Fuzzy C-Means Algorithm.- Chapter 23. MediCloud: Cloud-based solution to patient's medical records.- Chapter 24. Enhancement of Optical Coherence Tomography Images: An Iterative Approach Using Various Filters.- Chapter 25. An o.- Chapter 26. the Shelf CNN Features based approach for Vehicle Classication using Acoustics.- Chapter 27. Conjunctival Vasculature liveness detection based on DCT Features.- Chapter 28. Unusual Social Event Detection by Analyzing Call Data Records.- Chapter 29. Long Short Term Memory based Recurrent Neural Network approach for intrusion detection.- Chapter 30. Drunk Driving and Drowsiness Detection Alert System.- Chapter 31. A Survey on Intelligent Face Recognition System.- Chapter 32. Real Time Health Monitoring System Implemented on a Bicycle.- Chapter 33. A Fuzzy Rule based Diagnosis of Parkinson's Disease.- Chapter 34. A Comprehensive Study of Retinal Vessel Classifica-tion Methods in Fundus Images for detection of Hyper-tensive Retinopathy and Cardiovascular diseases.- Chapter 35. Estimation of parameters to model a fabric in a way to identify defects.- Chapter 36. Hybrid Method For Copy-Move Forgery Detection In Digital Images.- Chapter 37. Error Detection Technique For A Median Filter Using Denoising Algorithm.- Chapter 38. Retinal Image Processing and Classification using Convolutional Neural Networks.- Chapter 39. Comparison of Thermography and 3D Mammography Screening and Classification Techniques for Breast Cancer.- Chapter 40. IEFA- A Fuzzy Framework for Image Enrichment.- Chapter 41. Hidden Markov Random Field and Gaussian Mixture Model based Hidden Markov Random Field for Contour Labelling of Exudates in Diabetic Retinopathy-A Comparitive Study.- Chapter 42. AUGEN: An Ocular Support for Visually Impaired Using Deep Learning.- Chapter 43. A Novel Flight Controller Interface for Vision Guided Autonomous Drone.- Chapter 44. Sliding Discrete Fourier Transform for 2D Signal Processing.- Chapter 45. Automated Lung Nodules And Ground Glass Opacity Nodules Detection And Classification From Computed Tomography Images.- Chapter 46. Detection Of Static And Dynamic Abnormal Activities In Crowded Areas Using Hybrid Clustering.- Chapter 47. Gait Recognition using Normal Distance Map and Sparse Multilinear Laplacian Discriminant Analysis.- Chapter 48. A Review - Edge Detection Techniques in Dental Images.- Chapter 49. Detection of Exudates and Removal of Optic Disc in Fundus Images Using Genetic Algorithm.- Chapter 50. Analysis of Feature Ranking Methods on X-ray Images.- Chapter 51. Salient Object Detection for Synthetic Dataset.- Chapter 52. Atherosclerotic Plaque Detection Using Intra-Vascular Ultrasound (IVUS) Images..- Chapter 53. Correlative Feature Selection for Multimodal Medical Image Fusion through QWT.- Chapter 54. A Two Stage Validation Approach for Early Detection of Proliferative Diabetic Retinopathy in Neovascularization at the Disc by Observing Retinal Vascular Structure.- Chapter 55. Finding Center of Optic Disc from Fundus Images for Image Characterization and Analysis.- Chapter 56. A Robust Method for Image Copy Move Passive Forgery Detection with Enhanced Speed.- Chapter 57. Detection of Objects and Evaluation with The IO Link Using Miniature Laser Sensor -A Review.- Chapter 58. Development of Medical Image Segmentation Algorithms using Deformable Models.- Chapter 59. Feature Extraction and Classification of Epileptic EEG signals using Wavelet transforms and Artificial Neural Networks.- Chapter 60. 3D Printed Surgical Guides in Orthoganthic Surgery- A Pathway to Positive Surgical Outcomes.- Chapter 61. Image-Based Method for Analysis of Root Canal Geometry.- Chapter 62. Analysis of Explicit Parallelism of Image Pre-Processing Algorithms A Case Study .- Chapter 63. A Comprehensive Study on Character Segmentation.- Chapter 64. Framework For Image Forgery Detection And Classification Using Machine Learning.- Chapter 65. EZW, SPIHT and WDR Methods for CT Scan and X-Ray Images Compression Applications.- Chapter 66. Human Identification based on Ear Image Contour and it's Properties.- Chapter 67. Defocus Map Based Segmentation of Automotive Vehicles.- Chapter 68. Multi-Insight Monocular Vision System using a Refractive Projection Model.- Chapter 69. Comparative Study and Analysis of Pulse Rate Measurement by Vowel Speech and EVM.- Chapter 70. ONESTOP:A Tool for Performing Generic Operations With Visual Support.- Chapter 71. Performance evaluation of DCT, DWT and SPIHT techniques for Medical Image Compression.- Chapter 72. Structural Health Monitoring -An Integrated Approach for Vibration Analysis with Wireless Sensors to Steel Structure using Image Processing.- Chapter 73. An Improved image pre-processing method for concrete crack detection.- Chapter 74. Grape crop disease classification using transfer learning approach.- Chapter 75. Exploring Image Classification of Thyroid Ultrasound Images using Deep Learning.- Chapter 76. Medical Applications of Additive Manufacturing.- Chapter 77. A Study on Comparative Analysis of Automated and Semi automated Segmentation Techniques on Knee Osteoarthritis X-Ray Radiographs.- Chapter 78. Plant Disease Detection Based on Region Based Segmentation and KNN Classifier.- Chapter 79. Analyzing e-CALLISTO Images: Sunspot Number, 10.7 cm Flux and Radio Solar Bursts.- Chapter 80. Real Time Input Text Recognition System For The Aid Of Visually Impaired.- Chapter 81. A homogenous prototype design for IED detection using subsurface Ground Penetrating RADAR.- Chapter 82. A study on various Deep Learning Algorithms to diagnose Alzheimer's disease.- Chapter 83. Performance Analysis of Image Enhancement Techniques for Mammogram Images.- Chapter 84. A Study on Preprocessing Techniques for Ultra Sound Images of Carotid Artery.- Chapter 85. Fractional Reaction Diffusion Model for Parkinson's Disease.- Chapter 86. Analysis Of A Novel Algorithm For Steganography Using Openexr Image As Cover.- Chapter 87. Prediction-based Lossless Image Compression.- Chapter 88. Audio and Video Streaming in Telepresence application using WebRTC for Healthcare System.- Chapter 89. Review on Image Segmentation Techniques Incorporated with Machine Learning in the Scrutinization of Leukemic Microscopic Stained Blood Smear Images.- Chapter 90. Detection of Gaze Direction for Human-Computer Interaction.- Chapter 91. Compromising Cloud Security and Privacy by DOS, DDOS, Botnet Attacks and their countermeasures.- Chapter 92. Road Detection by Boundary Extraction Technique and Hough Transform.- Chapter 93. Investigating the Impact of Various Feature Selection Techniques on the Attributes used in the Diagnosis of Alzheimer's Disease.- Chapter 94. Detection Of Sleep Apnea Based On Hrv Analysis Of Ecg Signal.- Chapter 95. Performance Comparison of SVM Classifier based on Kernel Functions in Colposcopic image Segmentation for Cervical Cancer.- Chapter 96. GPU based Denoising Filter for Knee MRI.- Chapter 97. Performance Evaluation of Audio Watermarking Algorithms using DWT and LFSR.- Chapter 98. Biometric Image Encryption Algorithm Based on Modified Rubik's Cube Principle .- Chapter 99. A Comprehensive Study on Character Segmentation.- Chapter 100. Leaf Disease Detection Based On Machine Learning.- Chapter 101. Cross Domain Recommendation System using Ontology and Sequential Pattern Mining.- Chapter 102. A New Automated Medicine Prescription System for Plant Diseases.- Chapter 103. Identifying the risk factors for Diabetic Retinopathy using Decision Tree.- Chapter 104. Logarithmic Transform based Digital Watermarking Scheme.- Chapter 105. A comparative assessment of segmentations on skin lesion through various entropy and six sigma thresholds.- Chapter 106. Impact of Speckle Filtering on the Decomposition and Classification of Fully Polarimetric RADARSAT-2 Data.- Chapter 107. Estimation of Precipitation from the Doppler Weather Radar Images.- Chapter 108. Text Independent Handwriting Classification using Line and Texture Based Features.- Chapter 109. An Unified Pre-Processing Technique for Enhancement of Degraded Document Images.- Chapter 110. An efficient classifier for P300 in Brain Computer-Interface based on scalar products.- Chapter 111. Detection of Weed Using Visual Attention Model and SVM Classifier.- Chapter 112. Design and Development of Scalable IoT Framework for Healthcare Application.- Chapter 113. Use of Data Mining Technique for prediction of Crop yield in the face of Climate Change.- Chapter 114. Template Based Video Search Engine.- Chapter 115. A Survey of Medical Imaging, Storage and Transfer Techniques.- Chapter 116. Gray Level feature based approach for correspondence matching and elimination of false matches.- Chapter 117. A New Approach for Image Compressiion Usiing Effffiiciientt Codiing Techniique and BPN for Mediicall Images.- Chapter 118. Person Identification Using Iris Recognition: CVPR_IRIS Database.- Chapter 119. Fusion based Segmentation Technique for Improving the Diagnosis of MRI Brain Tumor in CAD Applications.- Chapter 120. Identification of cyst present in ultrasound PCOS using Discrete wavelet transform.- Chapter 121. Design and Development of Image Retrieval in Documents Using Journal Logo Matching.- Chapter 122. Feature enhancement of multispectral images Using vegetation, water, and soil Indices Image Fusion.- Chapter 123. Detection of Heart Abnormalities and High Level Cholesterol through Iris.- Chapter 124. Wavelet Based Convolutional Recurrent Neural Network for the automatic detection of absence seizure.- Chapter 125. New Random Noise Denoising Method for Bio Medical Image Processing Applications.- Chapter 126. Majority Voting Algorithm for Diagnosing of Imbalanced Malaria Disease.- Chapter 127. Importance of LEDs Placing and uniformity: Phototherapy treatment used for Neonatal Hyperbilirubinemia.- Chapter 128. Efficient Image Dehazing using Improved Depth Estimation and Color Analysis.- Chapter 129. Automated Glaucoma Detection using global statistical parameters of retina fundus images.- Chapter 130. Enhanced Techniques To Secure Medical Image And Data Transit.- Chapter 131. A spectral approach for segmentation and deformation estimation in point cloud using shape descriptors.- Chapter 132. A Study on Firefly Algorithm for Breast Cancer Classification.- Chapter 133. Fuzzy c-Means Clustering and Gaussian Mixture Model for Epilepsy Classification from EEG.- Chapter 134. Analysis on Detection of Chronic Alcoholics from EEG Signal Segments.- Chapter 135. A System For Plant Disease Classification And Severity Estimation Using Machine Learning Techniques.- Chapter 136. A Clinical Data Analytic Metric for Medical Ontology using Semantic Similarity.- Chapter 137. Automatic Detection of Malaria Parasites Using Unsupervised Techniques.- Chapter 138. True color image Compression and Decompression using Fusion of three level Discrete Wavelet Transform -Discrete Cosine Transforms and Arithmetic Coding Technique.- Chapter 139. Application of Neural Networks in Image Processing.- Chapter 140. Region of Interest (ROI) Based Image Encryption with Sine Map and Lorenz System.- Chapter 141. Chaos Based Color Image Encryption with DNA Operations.- Chapter 142. A Lucrative sensor for counting in the Limousine.- Chapter 143. Energy Expenditure Calculation With Physical Activity Recognition Using Genetic Algorithms.- Chapter 144. Improved Intrinsic Image Decomposition Technique for Image Contrast Enhancement using Back Propagation Algorithm.- Chapter 145. Low-Power High-Speed Hybrid Multiplier Architectures for Image Processing Applications.- Chapter 146. Intervertebral disc classification using Deep learning technique.- Chapter 147. Thermal Image Segmentation of Facial Thermograms Using K-Means Algorithm in Evaluation of Orofacial Pain.- Chapter 148. Study on Different Region based Object Detection Models Applied to Live Video Stream and Images Using Deep Learning.- Chapter 149. Analysis of Web Workload on Qos to Assist Capacity.- Chapter 150. Content Based Image Retrieval Using Hybrid Feature Extraction Techniques.- Chapter 151. Review of Feature Extraction and Matching methods for Drone image Stitching.- Chapter 152. An ANN-Based Detection of Obstructive Sleep Apnea from Simultaneous ECG and SpO2 Recordings.- Chapter 153. Design of an Image Skeletonization based Algorithm for Overcrowd Detection in Smart Building.- Chapter 154. Performance Comparison of Pre-trained Deep Neural Networks for Automated Glaucoma Detection.- Chapter 155. Performance Comparison of Pre-trained Deep Neural Networks for Automated Glaucoma Detection.- Chapter 156. Investigation on Land Cover Mapping of Large RS Imagery using Fuzzy based Maximum Likelihood Classifier.- Chapter 157. Gaussian Membership Function and Type II Fuzzy Sets based Approach for Edge Enhancement of Malaria Parasites in Microscopic Blood Images.- Chapter 158. Implementation of virtual Trial Room for Shopping Websites using Image Processing.- Chapter 159. Digital Video Copy Detection using Steganography Frame based Fusion Techniques.- Chapter 160. Response Analysis of Eulerian Video Magnification.- Chapter 161. Face Authentication and IOT based Automobile Security and Driver Surveilance System.- Chapter 162. Highly Repeatable Feature Point Detection in Images using Laplacian Graph Centrality.- Chapter 163. A Survey on Face Recognition in Video Surveillance.- Chapter 164. Driver's Drowsiness Detection Using Image Processing.- Chapter 165. Identification of Optimum Image Capturing Technique for Corneal Segmentation - A survey.- Chapter 166. Hybrid SIFT Feature Extraction Approach For Indian Sign Language Recognition System Based on CNN.- Chapter 167. A Contemporary Framework and Novel Method for Segmentation of Brain MRI.- Chapter 168. Anatomical Segmentation of Human Brain MRI using Morphological Masks.- Chapter 169. Digital Image Restoration using NL Means with Robust Edge Preservation Technique.- Chapter 170. Color Image Encryption: A New Public Key Cryptosystem based on Polynomial Equation.- Chapter 171. Speech Recognition using Novel Diatonic Frequency Cepstral Coefficients and Hybrid Neuro Fuzzy Classifier.- Chapter 172. Secure Location Distribution on Mobile Device For Private Meeting.- Chapter 173. Performance analysis of Fuzzy Rough assisted classification and segmentation of Paper ECG using mutual information and dependency metric.- Chapter 174. Segmentation for Hippocampus in AD using Region Growing and Level set.- Chapter 175. A Mixed Reality Workspace using Telepresence System.- Chapter 176. Detection Of Static And Dynamic Abnormal Activities In Crowded Areas Using Hybrid Clustering.- Chapter 177. Scaled conjugate gradient algorithm and SVM for Iris Liveness Detection.- Chapter 178. Long Short Term Memory based Recurrent Neural Network approach for intrusion detection.- Chapter 179. An Exploration Of The Image Processing Techniques For The Detection Of Leukemia.- Chapter 180. Video Frame Interpolation Using Deep Convolutional Neural Network.- Chapter 181. Thermal imaging of abdomen in evaluation of obesity: A comparison with Body composition analyzer-A Preliminary study.- Chapter 182. Sentimental Analysis of Twitter Data Using Big Data Tools and Hadoop Ecosystem.- Chapter 183. A Study On Optic Disc Localization Methods In Retinal Images.- Chapter 184. Detection of Chemically Ripened Fruits Based on Visual Features and Non-Destructive Sensor Techniques.- Chapter 185. Dynamic Object Indexing Technique For Distortionless Video Synopsis.- Chapter 186. An Intrusion Detection and Prevention System Using AIS-An NK Cell-Based Approach.- Chapter 187. HORBoVF - A Novel 3-Level Image Classifier Using Histogram, ORB and Dynamic Bag of Visual Features.- Chapter 188. Neural Network based Image Registration Using Synthetic Reference Image Rotation.- Chapter 189. Design and Development of Efficient Algorithms for IRIS Recognition System for Different Unconstrained Environments.- Chapter 190. Relation Extraction using Convolutional Neural Networks.- Chapter 191. Multi-Object detection using modified GMM based background subtraction technique.


ISBN-13: 9783030006648
Publisher: Springer (Springer Nature Switzerland AG)
Publication date: January, 2019
Pages: 1930
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