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Plant Biochemistry
Techniques and Procedures
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Main description:

This book is aimed at helping the analyst with respect to analysis of samples, mainly, plant material. The book is divided into two parts. o The first part deals with the different techniques involved in the biochemical analysis. The theoretical aspects of the same are presented in detail. The mechanism and some information on the buildup of the equipments are furnished. The need and scope of the instruments and their utility are also presented. o The second part deals with specific methods of analysis. Analytical methods of sugars, amino acids, proteins, fats, enzymes and their components are presented. Nucleic acid, vitamin, antinutrient (toxicants) and mineral analytical methods also have been included. o Information on alkaloid and pesticide residue analytical methods etc. has also been furnished. In many cases two or more methods have been given. o They have been given in such a way that they include reagents, apparatus and step wise procedures. o Final calculations needed for arriving at the concentration of the constituents have also been included.


Part I. Analytical Techniques 1. Introduction 2. Chromatography 3. Paper Chromatography 4. Column Chromatography 5. Thin Layer Chromatography 6. Electrophoresis 7. Ion Exchange Chromatography 8. Gel-filtration Chromatography 9. Solvent Extraction 10. Dialysis, Ultra Filtration and Lyophilisation11. Centrifugation12. Gas Liquid Chromatography 13. High Pressure Liquid Chromatography14. GC/MS and LC/MS 15. Spectrophotometry 16. Infra Red Spectroscopy17. Flame Photometry 18. Atomic-absorption Spectroscopy 19. Inductively Coupled Plasma Atomic Emission Spectroscopy 20. NMR Spectroscopy 21. Radiochemical Methods 22. Mass Spectrometry 23. Polarimetry 24. Conductimetry 25. Potentiometry 26. ELISA and Radioimmunoassay (RIA) 27. Gravimetric Analysis 28. Volumetric Analysis 29. Amplification and Sequencing of Nucleic Acids Part II. Analytical Methods and Procedures 1. Methods of Analysis 2. Carbohydrates and their Methods of Analysis 3. Fats/Oils/Lipophilic Constituents 4. Amino Acids and Proteins 5. Enzymes 6. Nucleic Acids 7. Vitamines 8. Phenolics and Antinutrients 9. Toxins 10. Alkaloids 11. Plant Nutrients 12. Plant Pigments 13. Pesticide Residue Analysis


ISBN-13: 9789383305940
Publisher: New India Publishing Agency
Publication date: May, 2015
Pages: 512
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