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Physics in Anaesthesia, second edition

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Main description:

Much of anaesthetic practice is underpinned by physics, yet many struggle when studying the subject. This book has been written with the aim of helping those who have long since parted company with physics.

This new edition has been comprehensively updated, but the content remains aligned with the FRCA syllabus, making Physics in Anaesthesia ideal for trainee anaesthetists, as well as for operating department practitioners and anaesthetic nurses. In addition, clinical science and engineering students will appreciate the linking of theory and practice. Physics in Anaesthesia gives a complete and structured overview:

Explanations start from first principles
Simple everyday examples are used to illustrate core concepts
Clinical examples highlight the applications of physics in anaesthesia
Worked examples and helpful diagrams develop understanding
Completely revised MCQs/SBAs now available online with hints and tips, plus answers

Five-star reviews of the previous edition

"This is a superb book and helped me greatly during my Primary FRCA. Easy to read and explains basic concepts really well."

"I'm an anaesthetic trainee and I am finding this book very helpful... Important equations are highlighted and there are "Clinical applications" boxes throughout to put the information into context."

"Essential book for trainee anaesthetists undertaking primary FRCA, Well written and easy to read."

"Very good, simple terminology compared to other physics FRCA primary texts, and covers the required topics."

"Currently revising for the FRCA Primary and have found this book indispensable. Difficult concepts are explained coherently with easy to understand examples, as well as a key clinical applications."

"I am a newly qualified ODP and l really find this book very helpful."

"This is a brilliant book that I'd recommend to anyone doing the exam!"

"The illustrations presented are easy to understand and the book has a structure that builds up your knowledge gradually."

"An excellent book for all grades of anaesthetist, but particularly for those studying for the FRCA. Useful, too, for ODPs and other anaesthetic practitioners."

"An excellent, detailed overview of medical physics, not just for anaesthetists, but for anyone working with medical electronics / medical physics equipment."


1. Atoms and matter

2. Simple mechanics

3. Energy and power

4. Temperature and heat

5. Waves

6. Pressure measurement

7. Humidity

8. Measurement of gas flow

9. The gas laws

10. Diffusion, osmosis and solubility

11. Measuring gas and vapour concentrations

12. Vaporizers

13. Medical gas supplies

14. Breathing systems and ventilation

15. Optics

16. Blood flow measurement

17. Equipment management

18. Basics of electricity

19. Electromagnetism and alternating current

20. Electrical shocks and safety

21. Electrocardiography, pacing and defibrillation

22. Processing, storage and display

23. Ultrasound

24. Lasers

25. Magnetic resonance imaging

26. Nuclear physics and radiation

27. Basic mathematical concepts

28. Physical quantities and SI units

29. Statistics


ISBN-13: 9781911510802
Publisher: Scion Publishing Ltd
Publication date: June, 2021
Pages: 360
Dimensions: 172.00 x 244.00 x 18.00
Weight: 615g
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Subcategories: Anaesthetics and Pain
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