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Philebotomy: From Student to Proffessional
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The third edition of this popular text has been completely revised to guide students from an academic setting to a professional role as a certified phlebotomist. Soft skills are emphasized with special attention focused on expectations for students not only in the classroom but as they transition to working with patients. There is an updated art program; including a full color insert, that presents photographs of equipment and step-by-step procedures. New material includes a chapter on urine collection; updates related to basic blood and non-blood specimen collection procedures; and, specimen handling and processing.


List of Procedures / ix Preface / xi PART I. STUDENT SUCCESS IN PHLEBOTOMY. 1. The Student's Role in the Classroom. Phlebotomy in the Past. Professionalism. Ethics. Values. HIPAA. Patient Rights. HIPPA Legal Issues. Risk Management/Quality Assurance. Healthcare Facilities Utilizing. Phlebotomists. Clinical Laboratory Departments. Study Skills. Clinical Laboratory Expectations. 2. The Student's Role in the Clinical Environment. OSHA. Biological Hazards. Engineering Controls. Work Practice Controls. Latex Allergies. Chemical Safety. Electrical Safety. Radiation Safety. PART II. BLOOD AND URINE COLLECTION. 3. The Circulatory System. The Heart. Blood Vessels. Blood. 4. Blood Collection Equipment. Venipuncture Equipment. Capillary Puncture Equipment. 5. Collection by Routine Venipuncture. Organization of Work Load. Interacting with the Customer. Preparing for the Venipuncture. Performing the Venipuncture. 6. Collection by Skin Puncture. Choosing the Skin Puncture. Composition of Skin Puncture Blood. Site Selection. Preparing the Site. Collection Devices. Performing a Fingerstick. Performing a Heelstick. 7. Special Blood Collection Procedures. Newborn Screening. Blood Cultures. Glucose Tolerance Testing. Bleeding Time Test. 8. Special Considerations. Pediatric Blood Collection. Elderly Blood Collection. Alternate Venipuncture Sites. Vascular Access Lines. Physiological Venipuncture Reactions. Patient Inquiries. Patient-focused Care. Point-of-Care Testing. 9. Urine Tests. The Urinary System. Urine. Urine Collection. 10. Common Laboratory Tests. 50 Common Tests. PART III. PROFESSIONAL SUCCESS IN PHLEBOTOMY. 11. Communication Skills for the Phlebotomist. The Speaker . The Listener . The Observer. Telephone Techniques. 12. Conflict Management Skills. Conflict Styles . Conflict Management. Problem Solving. 13. Becoming an Employee. Healthcare Customers. Customer Satisfaction. Preparing for Professionalism. Phlebotomy Certification. Researching Potential Employment. Successful Employee Qualities. References. Glossary. Appendices A. Phlebotomy Proficiency Checklist.


ISBN-13: 9781435469570
Publisher: Delmar Cengage Learning
Publication date: October, 2010
Pages: 256
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