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Perspectives on Elderly Crime and Victimization
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Main description:

This textbook focuses on the criminality and victimization of the elderly population. It provides a global perspective on the extent of the elderly crime and victimization, with international comparisons for addressing the problem. It explores the extent and types of crimes committed by the elderly, the characteristics of older criminals, and the responses of the criminal justice system (including prisons and institutions) to elderly criminals, including: diversion programs, community-based treatment programs, and special programs including health & mental health care services for older prisoners.

The second part of the book covers victimization of the elderly. Research findings show that certain crimes including fraud, theft, and certain types of financial crimes disproportionately affect older people, and these types of crimes are growing in prevalence. This work explores the characteristics of older victims and the types of crimes that affect them.

Finally, the book presents comparative international research on approaches to crime prevention, education, and legislation to address the victimization of the elderly. This work will be of interest to students in criminology and criminal justice, as well as related fields such as sociology, and gerontology.


Part I- Trends in the criminal behavior of the elderly.- Introduction to Part 1: Overview of trends in elderly crime in various parts of the world.- Chapter 1: Trends in types of crimes committed by the Elderly the United States Characteristics of Elderly Offenders.- Chapter 2: Trends and types of crimes by the elderly in Europe.- Chapter 3: Trends in types and amount of crimes committed by the elderly in China.- Chapter 4: Elderly crime in the United Kingdom and Wales.- Chapter 5: The Older person as a criminal and as a victim of crime: A South African overview.- Part ll: Overview of Criminal Victimization of the Elderly.- Chapter 6 : Victim offender relationship in the victimization of the elderly in the United States.- Chapter 7- Elder abuse in communities of color in the United States.- Chapter 8: Elderly victimization in aging Japan.- Chapter 9: The victim- perpetrator problem in elder abuse and neglect.- Chapter 10: Abuse and neglect of the elderly.- Chapter 11- Victimization of elderly women, witches and widows.- Part III- Introduction: The criminal justice response to the prevention of elderly crime and treatment of the elderly offender.- Chapter 12- Justice system response to elderly criminality.- Chapter 13-Treatment of older offender with mental health problems.- Chapter 14: Summary; Comparative analysis of trends in elderly crime and victimization.


ISBN-13: 9783030102517
Publisher: Springer (Springer Nature Switzerland AG)
Publication date: January, 2019
Pages: 272
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Subcategories: Geriatrics


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