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Esthetics in Metal-Free Prosthesis of Natural Teeth and Implants

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Main description:

Perception is a highly illustrated work which focuses on metal-free, pure ceramic restorations of both natural and implant-supported teeth. Metal-free or pure ceramic prostheses already form part of the dentist's daily routine. As with any dental material, there are advantages and disadvantages to ceramics, and these are fully discussed in the book. The author focuses not only on technical procedures available, but also on scientific advances reported in the literature. The book deals with topics related to the preparation of teeth for various types of prosthetic requirements, adhesive cementation and different aspects of bonding. Importantly, it covers aesthetics within the framework of an integrated treatment programme. Patients are increasingly concerned about, and interested in, the aesthetics of dental treatment. They want perfectly-aligned white teeth; frequently they demand that their prostheses are better than their original teeth. To meet these aesthetic demands, they need to be made aware of the various treatment options for their prostheses.
With over 1700 full-colour clinical photographs, Perception provides abundant illustrative material which the dentist can use as a basis for treatment discussions with the patient. Perception equips the dentist with the skills to produce all-ceramic prostheses which will leave their patients satisfied with the aesthetic appearance of their teeth. It provides dentists with all the information they need to explore this innovative and exciting field.


1 Integrated Treatment Plan 2 Principles of Occlusion in Oral Rehabilitation Treatment 3 Concepts of Adhesive Systems and Clinical Application 4 Dental Preparations for Metal-Free Fixed Prosthodontics 5 Ceramic Laminated Veneers 6 Dental Reconstructions for Prosthetic Purposes 7 Adhesive Cementation of Ceramic Restorations 8 CAM and CAD-CAM Systems in Dental Prosthesis Manufacture 9 Ceramic Abutments in Implant Dentistry 10 Image as a Means of Communication


ISBN-13: 9788536700908
Publisher: Artes Medicas
Publication date: February, 2009
Pages: 804
Dimensions: 280.00 x 280.00 x 30.00
Weight: 615g
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Subcategories: Dentistry


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