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Passport for the Orthopedic Boards and FRCS Examination
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This textbook is based on the curriculum for US, UK, Canadian and Australasian Orthopedic trainees. It offers an in-depth summary of the knowledge needed to pass the boards and FRCS examination in Trauma and Orthopedic surgery. The focus is on basic information on every orthopedic subspecialty, including: surgical anatomy, basic sciences, adult reconstruction, pediatric orthopedics, foot and ankle surgery, orthopedic pathology, the spine, sports surgery, upper limb, wrist and hand surgery, and orthopedic traumas. All sections are written by experts in the respective field and utilize a consistent bullet-point format, chosen to facilitate the learning experience and help readers memorize and organize knowledge. A clear and concise "take-home message" section precedes each topic, and key references are highlighted at the end of each chapter.


ABOUT THE FRCS.- ANATOMY.- Upper limb.- Lower limb.- Surgical approaches.- SPINE.- Spinal trauma.- Tumours.- Infections.- Stenosis.- Disc prolapse.- Scoliosis (Paediatric and adult).- Back pain.- Ankylosing spondylitis.- Rheumatoid spine.- Spondylolisthesis.- Cervical spondylosis.- Kyphosis.- PAEDIATRICS.- DDH.- Perthes.- SCFE.- CP.- Neurofibromatosis.- Skeletal dysplasias.- Paediatric trauma.- Club feet.- Metatarsus adductus.- Congenital vertical talus.- BASIC SCIENCES.- Statistics.- Cartilage.- Bone.- Muscles.- Tendons/ligaments.- Meniscus.- Radiation.- Arthritides.- Metals.- Theatre design.- Traction.- Free body diagrams.- Gait cycle.- LOWER LIMB ARTHROPLASTY.- Hip replacement.- Knee replacement.- TRAUMATOLOGY.- Upper limb.- Lower limb.- Scores in trauma.- FOOT AND ANKLE.- Biomechanics.- Arthroscopy.- Arthritis.- Instability.- Hallux rigidus.- Hallux valgus.- Interdigital neuroma.- Neuropatic foot.- Rheumatoid foot.- Tarsal tunnel.- Lesser toe deformities.- Pes planus.- Charcot Marie Tooth.- ORTHOTICS/AMPUTATIONS/REHABILITATION.- Orthotics and braces.- Amputation.- Rehabilitation.- SPORTS.- HANDS.- Rheumatoid hand.- Tendon injuries (flexors/extensors).- Distal radial fractures.- Scaphoid fractures.- Kienbocks disease.- Trigger fingers.- Dupuytrens disease.- DRUJ and TFCC injuries.- Concepts of tendon transfers.- Carpal instability.- CMCJ thumb arthritis.- Wrist arthritis.- Carpal tunnel syndrome.- De quervain tenosynovitis.- UPPER LIMB.- ACJ arthritis.- Sub acromial impingement.- Cuff tear.- Cuff arthropathy.- Shoulder arthritis.- Shoulder rheumatoid arthritis.- Shoulder ON.- Calcific tendinopathy.- Frozen shoulder.- SLAP.- Shoulder instability.- Elbow OA.- Rheumatoid arthritis.- Instability.- Tendinopathies.- Biceps rupture.- Elbow arthroscopy.- Elbow arthroplasty.- ONCOLOGY.- Basic concepts (classifications, biopsy...).- Benign tumors (bone, cartilage, others).- Malignant tumors (bone, cartilage, others).- PHYSICAL EXAMINATIONS.- Hip.- Knee.- Shoulder.- Spine.- Elbow.- Hand.- Foot and ankle.- Gait cycle.- GEMS.- What you will not find in the books but might be asked in the exam.- UP TO DATE REFERENCES.- Per topics.


ISBN-13: 9782817805634
Publisher: Springer (Springer Editions)
Publication date: November, 2016
Pages: 1100
Weight: 1904g
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Subcategories: Orthopaedics and Fractures


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