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Participatory Health Research
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Main description:

This groundbreaking resource explores core issues in participatory health research (PHR) and traces its global emergence as a force for improving health and well-being, healthcare services, and quality of life. The PHR approach is defined as including community members, health practitioners, and decision-makers as co-researchers, using local knowledge to reduce disparities in care, advocate for responsive health policy, and accelerate positive change in society as a whole. The book's first half surveys themes essential to the development of the field, including evaluating PHR projects, training professionals in conducting PHR, and the ambitious work of the International Collaboration for Participatory Health Research. International perspectives showcase the varied roles of PHR in addressing urgent local health problems in their specific public health and sociocultural contexts.

Among the topics covered:

Demonstrating impact in participatory health research

Reviewing the effectiveness of participatory health research: challenges and possible solutions

Kids in Action-participatory health research with children

Participatory health research: an Indian perspective

Participatory health research in Latin America: scientific production on chronic diseases

Participatory health research in North America: from community engagement to evidence-informed practice

Participatory Health Research benefits those teaching and learning about participatory health research at institutions of higher education and in community settings, addressing diverse fields including health promotion and disease prevention, medicine and public health, quality of life, social work, and community development.


Central Themes
Introduction: Michael Wright
Building Consensus, Celebrating Diversity: The Work of the International Collaboration for Participatory Health Research: Michael Wright
What is Participatory Health Research? Michael Wright, Jane Springett
Ethics in Participatory Health Research: Sarah Banks
Evaluating Participatory Health Research: Nina Wallerstein, John Oetzel, Jane Springett
The Challenges of Reviewing the Participatory Health Research Literature: Jon Salsberg, Janet Harris
Children and Participatory Health Research: Lisa Gibbs
The Role of Participatory Health Research in Training Health Professionals: Irma Brito
Demonstrating Impact in Participatory Health Research: Tina Cook, Jane Springett
The Role of Theory in Participatory Health Research: Sonia Acioli

Regional Perspectives

Participatory Health Research in Portuguese-Speaking Countries: A Review: Irma Brito
PartKommPlus - The German Research Consortium for Healthy Communities: Michael Wright
Participatory Health Research and Post-Colonial Scholarship in Latin America: Francisco Mercado
Participatory Research in Health Care Organizations in North America: A Review: Paula Bush, Jon Salsberg
Participatory Health Research for Planning Work in Sweden: Margareta Ramgard
Participatory Health Research for Improving Healthcare in the Netherlands: Tineke Abma
A History of Participatory Health Research in North America: A Look Back From Where We Are Today: Jon Salsberg
Participatory Health Research in the UK and Ireland: Jane Springett, Siobhan O'Higgins


ISBN-13: 9783030063788
Publisher: Springer (Springer Nature Switzerland AG)
Publication date: January, 2019
Pages: 278
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Subcategories: Public Health


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