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Parents as Friendship Coaches for Children with ADHD
A Clinical Guide
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Main description:

This book introduces Parental Friendship Coaching (PFC), an intervention that parents can use to support peer relationships in their elementary school-aged children with ADHD.

In the PFC program, clinicians work with parents to coach their children with ADHD in friendship behaviors that help develop and maintain high-quality relationships. Featuring 10 research-based clinical sessions, the book provides detailed, step-by-step instructions for clinicians about intervention provision. Each session includes skills teaching devoted to supporting children's peer relationships, activities to practice the skills in session, problem-solving about difficulties carrying out the skills, and homework to try the skills at home. This book also includes handouts for parents and clinicians, tips for clinicians about addressing common parent difficulties, and suggestions for progress monitoring.

Intended for mental health professionals working with families of children with ADHD and peer problems, this book will aid clinicians in educating parents on how to support their children's friendship development.


Session 1. Understanding Your Child's Social Behaviors Session 2. Giving Effective Feedback to Your Child about Social Behaviors Session 3. Helping Your Child to Choose the Right Friends Session 4. Preparing for a Playdate as a Host, Part 1 Session 5. Teaching Your Child Social Skills, Part 1 Session 6. Preparing for a Playdate as a Host, Part 2 Session 7. Teaching Your Child Social Skills, Part 2 Session 8. Preparing for a Playdate as a GuestSession 9. Meeting New Peers Session 10. Getting Ready for the Future Appendix A. Intervention Fidelity Checklists Appendix B. Parent Handouts


ISBN-13: 9781032118314
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Publication date: March, 2022
Pages: 240
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Subcategories: Psychotherapy


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